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Telekom prepares employees for the workplace of the future

Budapest, July 20, 2017 14:00

Magyar Telekom opened its new training center in Budapest, where annually two thousand of the company’s employees are expected to attend different training courses. The building at Ceglédi Street was restructured following the concept of the "workplace for the future". The new headquarters of the company is also being constructed in the neighborhood, following the same approach.

Cutting edge technology, spacious halls and features perfectly matching functionality characterize the renewed training center of Magyar Telekom at Ceglédi Street where the associates of the company can participate at different training courses. It was not by accident that Szabó János, Chief Financial Officer of Magyar Telekom talked about the workplace of the future at the opening. "Not only was this a construction project but also the execution of a new concept. A few blocks away the new Magyar Telekom headquarters is under construction. The concept we see here today implemented is identical with what colleagues moving into the new building next year will experience." While in certain positions  home working is gaining ground, the workplace of the future is explicitly envisaged under the token of co-working, knowledge sharing and meeting each other. Telekom is prepared to associate this concept with the necessary technological background and working environment, meeting the ergonomic requirements.

The Telekom Training Center is an important milestone in the culture change ongoing within Telekom, with annually two thousand associates expected to attend training courses. Walking through the building the way the company thinks about associates, cooperation and customers becomes tangible and evident. Color stripes running on the walls of corridors as well as colors of the doors also function as color codes, signaling different functions of the rooms. The Digital Room resembles a modern living room of a modern home, where mechanics of the company acquire routine in installing equipment. The building also includes a miniature Telekom shop and Call Center, as well as a training field in the courtyard where employees can learn about shock protection rules in practical terms, by climbing onto electric poles. Participants of training courses need to testify their readiness in real working environment, situational exercises, by paying attention to customer needs.

"When in 2007 the idea of the new corporate headquarters emerged first, we identified the initial target of bringing the different functions of the company closer to each other. The renewed training center promotes the same mission in a similar manner: by establishing a building we created a central training base to standardize the knowledge base within the company" – explained Szabó János.

Friedl Zsuzsanna, Chief Human Resources Officer of Magyar Telekom highlighted the importance of activities ongoing in the training center supporting the human resource development strategy of the company. "Our associates not only need to be provided the infrastructure but also the knowledge and competences meeting requirements and current trends. The training center primarily accommodates professional basic training courses, however there will also be foreign language classes, skill development courses delivered by external partners, as well as customer experience training courses, individual and group level coaching. Our own associates will also deliver training classes for each other" - Friedl Zsuzsanna said. "We are very proud that the interior design of the building was also made by our own employees. The end result speaks for itself as we established the internal spaces meeting our own requirements, following our corporate culture."

The Telekom Training Center accommodates 12 training rooms, several IT and technical rooms for practical exercise, as well as general lecture rooms, community rest stations, canteens, uniform tailoring rooms and an outdoor exercise training field with electric poles. The high international appreciation of Magyar Telekom is also signaled by Deutsche Telekom operating a selection and assessment center in the building, assisting the international manager succession activities of DT.