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Press Releases

Application for food reuse, miniature water power plant, library established for the visually impaired – Magyar Telekom handed out the DELFIN awards also this year

Budapest, June 12, 2017 16:00

Magyar Telekom awarded companies and organizations excelling in the field of sustainability also this year. DELFIN Awards (acronym in Hungarian for Awards for a Committed, Sustainable and Innovative Generation) and the ”Magyar Telekom’s TOP3 sustainable supplier – 2016” acknowledgements were handed out on June 12 at the 18th Sustainability Roundtable Discussion event.

Magyar Telekom founded the DELFIN Award competition in 2008 to award its suppliers excelling in the field of sustainability. Since 2013 any Hungarian enterprise or even NGO can apply for the award by submitting already implemented and operating projects and programs. In 2017 altogether 6 award were handed over in 4 categories.

„We are pleased to see that each year the number of organizations applying for the DELFIN Award increases, enterprises and NGOs submit increasingly more mature and thoroughly thought over projects, therefore we had to select this year’s winners from a very strong pool. We realize that considering a sustainable and livable future – if the intent is there – can be integrated in the everyday activity of both large companies and enterprises with a few employees only. We are overjoyed that responsible operation is also important to our partners and suppliers” – said Friedl Zsuzsanna, chief human resources officer of Magyar Telekom.

DELFIN Award winners in 2017:

In category ”Sustainable innovation”:

  • FORNAX ICT Infokommunikációs Megoldások Kft. (The company’s “redinner” application offers a solution for utilizing superfluous food, connecting users and nearby restaurants.)
  • Villámfordítás Fordítóiroda (The company’s objective is to develop and introduce the Hungarian standards of electronic translation, decreasing the environmental load through paperless solutions, as well as the lead time for administration.) 

In category ”Equal opportunities”:

  • Alko-soft Szolgáltató Nonprofit Bt. (The company assists the visually impaired by distributing and localizing tools assisting reading as well as by operating the Free of Charge Digital Library, having also developed the eHerald system, enabling the visually impaired to read printed press electronically on their computers.) . 

In category ”Climate protection”:

  • Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt. (The company targeted to establish a miniature water power plant at the Budapesti Central Sewage Water Treatment Compound, increasing the ration of self developed energy, hence decreasing the dependence of the compound on the electric network.)

In category ”Awareness”:

  • ELTE Együtt a Környezettudatos Szemléletért (The voluntary based institutional sustainability program operates since 2008, so far saving HUF 10 million for the university, while the volunteers of the program performed work in the value of HUF 17 million.)
  • Impact Hub Budapest (As member of an international network, Impact Hub Budapest deals with community building, education, awareness raising and creating sensitivity for sustainability, environmental protection, climatic change and social themes. Their most important topics include enterprise development and individual skill development.)

In 2017 DELFIN Award winners received the creation of glass artist Péter Botos, made for this occasion. As additional prize, winner SMEs and NGOs received Magenta 1 Business and ”Webkönnyen” subscriptions for 2 years, while winner large companies get the possibility of introducing themselves and exhibit at the Symposium of T-Systems Hungary in 2017, which is the largest, one day event of the ICT industry. Additionally, all awardees get the possibility of  exhibiting at the 10th Telekom Sustainability Day on September 30, 2017 in  Akvárium Klub, demonstrating their achievements in the field of sustainability. A 2-3 minutes introduction film will also be made about the winners, coupled with online promotion.

Besides the DELFIN Award, the „Magyar Telekom’sTOP3 sustainable supplier” title was also awarded at the event. In 2016 the company involved 122 of its suppliers in the sustainable suplier management chain process, assessing those from the environmental, social and economic aspects.  During the web-audit the American Infinera Corporation and the Romanian ROMKATEL SRL, as well as the Hungarian Nokia Solutions and Networks TraffiCOM Ltd. achieved the highest scores.