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Once again, a summer with no limits at Telekom!

Budapest, June 2, 2017 11:00

Mobile net is on the loose again this summer at Telekom, unlimited data traffic is given as a present to customers choosing the Mobil L or XL tariff plans.

This year Telekom will once again make the summer unlimited, thus customers who choose the two largest voice plans of the new mobile portfolio can even stream their entire holiday on video. During the summer months, in the festivals and events that follow each other a lot more people use the Internet on mobile devices, and use it more often, so data traffic may increase several times over. Having realized that, Telekom has prepared for the summer by unlimited domestic mobile internet for every subscriber committed to the Mobil L or XL tariff plan.

To enable obtaining never-ending summer experiences, Telekom gives as a present unlimited Internet access to subscribers who have chosen the new Mobil L or XL tariff plan combination, or do so now or during the summer, with a loyalty term of two years. They will be able to use mobile Internet within Hungary during the whole summer without limits, i.e. from 1 June until 31 August, so they can even share their entire summer in videos! The use of the unlimited data is subject to an activation in the Telekom application for existing customers.

It reflects well the increased level of traffic during the summer that in July last year the traffic measured in communities around Lake Balaton alone on the 4G mobile network of Telekom had doubled compared to the previous year, to almost 240 TB per month. (For comparison: the data traffic of a winter month was around 37 TB). Last year data traffic also significantly increased in Telekom VOLT Festival, with a data volume of 2.9 TB it was close to double the volume of the previous year. Within that, the traffic of 4G data more than doubled according to the data of Telekom.

Taking note of the differentiated needs of our customers, recently we have introduced our customizable, flexible monthly charged mobile tariff plans. “We see that real needs for more mobile internet emerge in the summer, therefore during this summer we give more data” said Tibor Rékasi, Chief Commercial Officer Residential of Magyar Telekom.

In addition to sharing the experiences of our everyday lives (in video, in images on social portals) the role of mobile net has become essential in the planning, organization of summer programmes as well, and during a holiday they are clearly used mainly for seeking out information: mobile Internet is used for exploring traffic opportunities in the highest ratio (74 per cent). 70 per cent is the ratio of each of those who search for programmes and sights, points of interest that way, while 66 per cent of the respondents use their mobile phones and/or tablets for finding restaurants, leisure venues nearby - reveals the joint research of eNET and Telekom (

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