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Telekom joins forces with Gorillaz to unlock a new dimension in music

Budapest, March 24, 2017 10:00

Deutsche Telekom announces partnership with Gorillaz. Exclusive clips from first ever live performance of band’s new studio album Humanz ahead of its release in April. Deutsche Telekom combines advanced 4G network and the latest AR and VR Technology to create campaign centered around new innovative music experiences

Through its international music program, Electronic Beats, Deutsche Telekom has joined forces with Gorillaz to unlock a new dimension in music across Europe. It plans to leverage new technologies to create brand new music experiences.

“The magic of Gorillaz is that they are both real and virtual, a fact that the remarkably innovative team at Telekom Electronic Beats understands fully.” said Niamh Byrne, Eleven Management. “They have made a bold and brave leap of faith in helping us realize a vision.” Deutsche Telekom believes that “Life is for sharing.” and that as the owners and operators of one of the world’s most advanced 4G networks, it has a digital duty to enable people to experience the transformative power of connected technology.

“We are very proud to have been asked by the band to leverage the power of Telekom Electronic Beats to allow as many people as possible to share in this whole new dimension to the music of Gorillaz”, said Wolfgang Kampbartold, Vice President of International Market Communications at Deutsche Telekom.

In celebration of the band’s new album, Humanz which will be released on 28 th April, Deutsche Telekom will launch a campaign demonstrating how the creative use of new technologies can enhance music experiences. The first of these initiatives will be an innovative AR application which allows users to access exclusive Gorillaz content. Exclusive concerts in some of Telekom’s key territories are also due to be announced.

Speaking about the partnership Jamie Hewlitt, said “ Working with Deutsche Telekom has allowed us to experiment, explore and bring our dreams to life”

Exclusive Gorillaz content can be viewed on Further events and announcements to follow.

Telekom Electronic Beats
Telekom Electronic Beats
is one of the world’s most established music and lifestyle content marketing programs, encompassing a range of products and services as well as award winning content and events. Over the last 17 years Telekom Electronic Beats has created a universe of music experiences via a diverse range of channels, with the as its central hub. Whilst the program was initially centered around music marketing, Telekom Electronic Beats now embraces the strong connection between music and other lifestyle areas such as design, tech, fashion and art. Telekom Electronic Beats have worked with some of the biggest names in contemporary music from Grace Jones and Depeche Mode through to Moderat as well as championing new up and coming artists such as Ry X.

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