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Today a new brand and a fixed line offer is introduced in the Hungarian market: Flip is launched!

Budapest, May 16, 2017 11:00

  • Today Flip is launched, the new fixed line brand of Telekom that requires no obligations.
  • The offer, named Flip 3 - a fixed line proposition for home, without obligations - becomes available in more than half a million households.

Today Telekom launches a new fixed line brand and offer. Flip was developed for customers requiring simple but good quality basic service without extra comfort services, at an extremely favorable price level, without obligations and commitment for a compulsory loyalty period. The Flip offer – named Flip 3 –altogether includes 130 digital TV channels, 100 Mbit/s download speeds, a WiFi router and free of charge voice communication between Flip telephone numbers. Upon the launch, Flip becomes available in more than half a million households, in numerous locations within Hungary.

„The Hungarian telecommunication market enters a new, more mature phase characterized by versatile and ever more definite customer requirements. We realize that there is a customers segment which specifically requires the basic services. We can address the needs of these clients more efficiently and accurately with a new brand, featuring simplicity and freedom, without any obligations. Having recognized this, we launch our new brand Flip” – said Christopher Mattheisen, chief executive officer of Magyar Telekom at the event introducing Flip.


Flip also offers something different in customer service: by putting less emphasis on personal customer care, it provides cost efficient self service solutions to its customers who are ready to administer their related transactions themselves, including placing new service orders or invoice payment.

„We are convinced that Flip will be attractive offering the right solution to customers who wish to use services at home simply and without obligations, at good quality – either fixed line internet, TV or telephone. Flip 3 - the fixed Flip package for home – includes all the basic fixed line telecommunication services that a household might require, without any loyalty period commitment, for a monthly fee of HUF 4,000. By offering our service without loyalty period we provide freedom to our customers and we are convinced that they will choose Flip for the long term because of the good service quality and favorable price” – said Frigyes Endersz, head of Flip when introducing the new brand and offer of Magyar Telekom.

By introducing Flip a completely new and dedicated team was established with its own customer care and sales channels, meant to provide service exclusively to future Flip customers, while the technical background of Flip is provided by Magyar Telekom. The brand also puts major emphasis on the online availability of the brand: maintaining connections with customers using the call center number of 1446, as well as and Facebook. Under customers interested can retrieve information about the availability of the Flip offer at their addresses.