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Free roaming introduced from the summer of this year! From mid June, one can roam in the EU countries at domestic, Hungarian prices

Budapest, May 31, 2017 18:00

  • From June 15, within the EU Telekom customers can make calls, send SMS or use the net at domestic, Hungarian prices
  • Voice, SMS and data traffic included in mobile tariff packages can be used while roaming in the EU, under the terms set in the regulation

In line with the European Union regulation, from June 15 Telekom customers can make calls, send SMS or use the net at the prices specified in their domestic tariff packages, without an EU roaming surcharge, by adhering to the terms and conditions regarding fair use.

Based on the roaming statistics of past years Telekom customers generated the highest roaming traffic in EU countries, starting with Germany and followed by Austria, Italy, France and Croatia, in the order of generated volume. Currently Telekom offers roaming services to its customers in 105 networks of 37 countries of the EU zone 1 .

Upon extending the domestic terms and conditions to abroad, Telekom expects customers to use their telephones more intensely and frequently during their trips in the EU.

Resulting from the numerous propositions introduced in previous years to promote roaming usage, voice and data traffic generated by customers increased continuously. According to statistics of the last summer, within one year roaming data traffic increased six times among the residential customers of Telekom. Free roaming introduced now may give another momentum to this growth. Customers can receive online information about how the change effects their tariff package at:

Primary information:

Making telephone calls from the EU to Hungary and other EU countries

From June 15, 2017 calls will be charged the fee specified in the tariff package for domestic mobile calls in other directions, the roaming surcharge – up to the limits of the fair usage conditions – will be eliminated. Receiving calls – up to the limits of the fair usage conditions – will be free in the EU. Calls from Hungary into the EU are considered international calls, their charges are different from the rates applied during roaming.

Using minutes and SMS messages included in tariff packages

Minutes and SMS messages included in the tariff packages of subscribers can also be used while roaming for calls or SMS messages into basic-rate directions (tariff packages offer usability of included minutes also in this direction within Hungary). Subscribers of tariff packages including unlimited voice traffic within the network can only make unlimited calls within Hungary. Tariff packages and fleets enabling members to make calls and send messages to each other free will continue to offer free usage and discounted terms only within Hungary.

Using the mobile net in EU countries

From June 15, 2017 the data volume included in residential mobile tariff packages can be entirely used anywhere within the EU, except for the Net&Roll mobile internet packages, in which case only the data volume specified in the tariff regulations can be used during EU roaming. Data volume included in prepaid Domino tariff packages can also be used during EU roaming.

Roaming usage for business customers

In the majority of cases, for business tariff packages the usability of included data volume will be similar to residential packages (except if specified differently in the tariff scheme).

In case of Business mobile tariff packages, the data volume included in Business Mobile Net EU packages can be used in the entire area of the EU. In cases of Business Mobile Net and Business Net packages, the data volume specified in the tariff scheme can be used in the EU as well.

In case of all mobile packages, upon using the entire data quota while roaming, data traffic is suspended, after this further internet usage is possible by purchasing the Travel & Surf additional data packages, on the site accessible free of charge from abroad at

Certain services, options, bonuses and discounted terms offered explicitly for domestic use (e.g. Extra Net, Family mobile option, Student option, discount, Telematrix calls within a corporation group) can not be used while roaming.

Conditions concerning fair use

According to the EU decree the option of roaming at domestic prices only applies for temporary trips (e.g. vacation, ski trips, business travel) and not for the case of constant stay abroad (e.g. for purposes of work or studies). In order to assess this, telecommunication providers can analyze traffic and presence data retroactively, going back at least 4 months. In case based on the data analyzed, the customer does not mainly use the service domestically, upon preliminary notice a surcharge can be applied, as set in the regulation.

1) EU and EEA countries