Press Releases

Building the digital future – T-Systems Symposium 2017

Budapest, November 28, 2017 14:00

  • T-Systems Symposium, the largest full day event of the ICT industry is organized for the sixth time in Budapest
  • Digital future is built on intelligent services, devices, new generation (5G) networks and the human factor, these are the main topics that the event is built upon
  • For the first time this year, the event program on the second day opens up for students, since the digital future will be built together with them
  • OTP won the Project of the Year Prize

Introducing the latest trends in the ICT world-Systems Hungary Symposium, organized for the 6 th year in a row, is a traditional event by now. Almost 2,000 invited guests visited the event – the plenary sessions, eight thematic sections and the innovative exhibition hall named “Future Space”- offering an insight in the most important novelties across industries. This time “Building the digital future” is the central theme of the Symposium.

Digital future is built on intelligent services, devices, new generation (5G) networks and the human factor

Addressing the Symposium, Srini Gopalan, member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG responsible for Europe, emphasized: „Digitalization has a major impact on every industry, profoundly transforming our businesses, economies and societies already today. The banking, insurance, transportation and logistics industries, are offering abundant examples of how digital transformation is providing opportunities for new business models. By 2020, every 4th Euro will be spent online. As committed partners, we aim to support businesses, authorities, cities getting ready for this. Digitalization is not the far future, it is part of now.”

Christopher Mattheisen, chief executive officer of Magyar Telekom said in his presentation: ”Connectivity becomes more important than ever, standing behind the latest achievements of the digital world, as well as the solutions and services determining our future, as everything will be connected with everything.  Communication between sophisticated machines, devices and sensors (Internet of Things), as well as digitalized industrial processes (Industry 4.0) require networks with higher performance and a new communication standard: faster transmission speed, lower latency and higher capacity will be needed. 5G is the answer for future challenges. 5G brings about quality changes in the most versatile industries and opens new horizons for both new and existing technologies and solutions, like self-driving cars or robotic remote surgery. In cooperation with its partners, Magyar Telekom will be a driver of these developments.”

Kaszás Zoltán, chief executive officer of T-Systems Hungary outlined in turn: „We live in a continuously changing and accelerating world, while these changes effect every market. Digitalization impacts everyone and poses new challenges, raises new tasks in the market. Many apply many different definitions for this phenomenon. In my definition digitalization is about the smart and connected world. This is a SMART UNIVERSE. In this regard, I not only mean technology, but also people and different entities. They also need to be connected, which takes humbleness, openness, devotion and mutual trust. We are already in a position to bring Europe here, as with the support of Deutsche Telekom (DT) the European Smart Solutions Center of DT was established at T-Systems. This enables us to create complex and heterogeneous solutions for our customers, while we can also offer our own established products within the region. We can already offer this in the whole B2B segment, as since November 1, 2017 the clientele of T-Systems ranges from the Enterprise segment up to SOHO. This is also a reaction to the expectations induced by digital changes hence we can establish more efficient ICT services at multiple points” – said Kaszás Zoltán, chief executive officer of T-Systems Hungary in his presentation.

Future Space Campus especially for students

For the first time this year, the program of the Symposium is being extended by a second day titled T-Systems Future Space Campus, targeting students. The event series launched in the spring has been already organized at six universities all around Hungary, addressing young people interested in the digital world.  The last – and most spectacular – Future Space event is hosted by the T-Systems Symposium. Participating students can receive firsthand information about the company’s latest developments, they can take part in professional programs specifically matching their interests and can also learn about what opportunities T-Systems and Magyar Telekom offer to generation Y and Z. The host of the event is youtuber Kiss Imre, vlogger of the Gameday office.

Project of the Year

At the Symposium the Project of the Year Prize was handed over, which this year was awarded to OTP Bank, IT Service Management system implementation. Each year the company nominates three projects for the Project of the Year Prize which posed real professional challenges and excelled amongst others. The winner was selected by the guests of the Symposium through a mobile application voting process.

Besides the Project of the Year Prize, Mohácsi László, chief officer of T-Systems Hungary also handed over three awards for partners. The transformation partner award was received by McAfee, the award for the largest increase went to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, while the innovative partner award was won by Avaya and Nuance.