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Unlimited offer – tailored to your needs! New net packages offered by Telekom: even more data and unlimited use of thematic contents within Hungary

Budapest, November 10, 2017 13:00

  • Unlimited services tailored to personal needs
  • Pacakges with higher data volumes
  • Option for unlimited use of different social and chat applications within Hungary
  • Favorable terms to purchase mobile or fixed terminals with the new mobile services!

Last year 83 percent of Hungarian internet users between the age of 16-74 used social applications and this puts Hungary on top of the list – as reveled by the report of Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU. The trend is also confirmed by the Telekom survey carried out among the company’s postpaid customers: almost 60 percent of the subscribers used social media, 44 percent map and navigation, while 41 percent telephone and chat applications on their mobile phones. Consequent to these changes in usage patterns and to the continuously increasing appetite for data, from November 10 Telekom introduced new postpaid mobile net packages for using mobile internet with smartphones and larger screens.

The unlimited services of Telekom can be tailored according the personal needs, everyone can choose the most appropriate version.

  • A data package without any limits for those craving for unlimited experiences. In case of the unlimited mobile net package videos can also be viewed at the maximal available bandwidth.
  • Subscribers not wanting unlimited mobile net packages, however requiring unlimited use of the social media, navigation or chat services within Hungary can also do that by choosing the appropriate data package.
  • The data packages of the new mobile portfolio can be freely associated with any available “Mobil” voice package.
  • Any favorably priced device can be selected in case of undertaking a loyalty of 2 years: along with mobile service one can choose a fixed terminal for home, and similarly along with fixed service for home mobile handsets are also selectable.

What do the new mobile net packages include? Data volumes keep increasing: 500 MB, 2 GB, 6 GB, 15 GB and unlimited data packages are available as well. With exception of the smallest package all others include unlimited thematic contents to be used domestically, on a promotional basis 1 : subscribers for the Net 2 GB package can access Facebook, Instagram and the Waze navigation on browser or through smartphone applications free of charge, in other words the data traffic generated when using these applications  – except for voice and video formats– does not lower the data quota  available to  customers. In case of the Net 6 GB and Net 15 GB packages, in addition to the above applications  Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber can also be used within Hungary without lowering the data quota for sending pictures and text messages (except for voice and video chat services). Using the applications is also conditioned upon not running out of the data quota included in the package 2 .

Choosing higher data volume however is not only worthwhile for the above reasons. By committing to a two years loyalty period, customers can get favorable terms to purchase terminals; the larger the package, the bigger discount is offered for terminals.

The Net 6 GB and Net 15 GB packages are offered for large screen use - for tablets, notebooks or PC – with the above detailed contents.

Further details about the price and terms of use of the new packages are available at the Telekom website.

Recently the business propositions of Telekom were also renewed. The new Business Trend mobile packages are tailored to the constantly changing user habits of businesses. From now on also unlimited inland mobile internet and several extra services without a monthly fee are available, for example the discount on international calls and Norton Security online anti virus protection. In case of the new mobile package favorable fleet terms are available already from the second subscription, thus enhancing the benefits of the package.

1) The promotion is valid until withdrawal.

2) The download and update of smartphone applications to the devide burden the data quantity included in the tariff package.