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Switch into a higher gear from November, using the Magenta 1 All-in tariff package of Telekom!

Budapest, November 2, 2017 14:00

Magenta 1 All-in, the favorable premium package of Telekom is available from November 3, enabling subscribers living in areas covered with optical network for shared usage of their terminals, at the bandwidth of even up to 2 gigabit/sec.

For those wanting unlimited and compromise free experiences, Telekom created the Magenta 1 All-in favorable tariff package, offering the very best of home and mobile services. From November 3 subscribers – using the two SIM cards that with specific mobile tariff packages can be involved in the Magenta 1 All-in scheme – can use their mobile phones without limitations for voice calls, sending messages, internet or even watching videos without limiting the download speed 1 . Upon the entry, subscribers – in case of a 2 years subscriber agreement for a definite term – can get HUF 50,000 discount from the terminal price, for both mobile devices involved. Additionally, upon the elapse of 12 months a new terminal can be purchased each year with an extra discount of HUF 25,000 (over the handset subsidy available for the respective tariff package combination) 2 . The favorably priced package also includes the Hoppá Plusz tariff package which offers monthly 5,000 minutes of inland fixed line talktime.

Magenta 1 All-in subscribers – consequent to the post-paid All-in extra package, required to use the tariff scheme – are entitled to key customer service, they are given priority in the call center and in case of terminal failure covered by guarantee, Telekom visits them at home, picks up the terminal for repair and in the meantime provides a replacement terminal.

Subscribers ordering the Magenta 1 All-in package can choose from 130 TV channels included in the Superb Family HD package, offering unlimited entertainment through 24 HD channels, and users do not have to worry about missing anything as they are free to view their favorite programs again within 3 days, while upon recording these programs they are also available for longer. Subscribing for the MovieClub against a monthly fee, movie fans can borrow feature films from an assortment of 2,500 films at favorable prices and can view those without limitations on their mobile phones using TVGO or at home, using any of the two set top boxes.

Magenta 1 All-in customers living in areas covered by the Telekom optical network can connect the web through the home internet connection of Telekom, offering the highest bandwidth of 2 Gbit/s 3 . The 2000 Mbit/s download speed can be achieved with devices (e.g. notebook, tablet, smartphone) jointly, connected to the network in parallel. Besides, the major change will be especially tangible in case of uploading as the package also offers the significant upload speed of 500 Mbit/s. In addition to the speeds reaching Gigs, as part of the package offered for families Telekom provides a gigabit-enabled wifi-router, featuring the highest currently available technology. Consequent to the intense network developments completed in recent years, the gigabit-enabled optical technology is already availably in 760 thousand households -  the „Home Internet 2000” package featuring speeds of 2000 Mbit/s is available to them from November, even as part of the Magenta 1 All-in favorably priced tariff scheme 4

1) the condition of using the favorably priced tariff package: two residential postpaid mobile telephone subscriptions (new or existing) with Mobile Unlimited and Net Unlimited tariff package combination. Additionally, using the All-in Extra package is compulsory for both mobile telephone subscriptions. The service includes 7GB roaming data traffic, that can be used in the European Union and countries of the European Economic Region (EER).

2) the condition of using the favorable terms: the customer signs a new contract for the largest mobile tariff package combination available for a definite period of 24 months, which remains involved in the  Magenta1 All-in favorable tariff scheme. The HUF 25,000 extra terminal discount can be used once annually, in every case upon the expiry of 12 months from starting the new, definite contracted period. In case prior to the purchase, the subscriber already was granted terminal subsidy on the subject of the respective 24 months period committed for a mobile subscription, the time proportionate remaining part of the prior terminal subsidy reduces the volume of the terminal subsidy available for the given tariff package combination.

3) in case network capabilities do not enable offering the Home Internet 2000 tariff package, then instead the Home Internet 250 package can be involved in the Magenta 1 All-in favorably priced tariff scheme

4) in case of the Home Internet 2000 tariff package the download speeds of 2000 Mbit/s and upload speeds of 500 Mbit/s are offered. The guaranteed download speed is 300 Mbit/s, while the guaranteed upload speed is 50 Mbit/s. The maximum download speed can be achieved with multiple devices used simultaneously.