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Do not count to three! - Telekom gives 3 Gb data free to Domino customers for three days

Budapest, September 20, 2017 13:30

Telekom gives 3 GB data* free for 3 days to all Domino customers between September 20-29 that can be activated in the Telekom application in the given period. The objective of Telekom’s special offer is that Domino customers may also enjoy the freedom of using mobile internet services as now prepaid customers may also have access to big data packages at affordable prices.

At the end of May Telekom launched a similar special offer for Domino customers to raise their awareness on the use of mobile internet services. Within the frame of that offer prepaid customers were given free, unlimited access to the internet from Friday afternoon until Sunday midnight. More than half of the customers who activated the offer had not been regular mobile internet users. The success of the unlimited weekend was further proven by the fact that Telekom mobile customers used 10 times more data than in an average weekend (the average daily data consumption of customers who took part in the special offer was above 200 MB).

Within one year the number of smart phone owners among Telekom’s prepaid customers increased with 13% and there is an increasing demand for mobile internet data consumption, too. Based on these requirements Telekom designed its new prepaid data upgrade portfolio in a way that Domino customers can select a data plan that best fits their data need while keeping costs under control:

  • Maraton options can be chosen with different amount of data and these plans can be used as long as the data balance is depleted or as long as the SIM card is active. This way there is no lost data at the end of the month and customers do not have to know in advance how much data they wish to use in the given month.
  • The Domino Net packages, that automatically renew in every 30 days, are offered to those customers who regularly use the internet and prefer to have a fixed amount of data in each month. It this case it is a comfortable solution that they do not have to re-order the data option in each month. However, it is always possible to downgrade or upgrade the data option anytime.
  • The “Daily” data options are best to fulfill an immediate need for data and internet access. These options can be ordered with 200 MB and 1 GB data and can be used for 24 hours.
  • The majority or the entire amount of data contained in the above data options can also be used in countries within the EU fee zone.**

* Out of this 50 MB can be used for EU roaming and the remaining data can be used in Hungary.

** As defined in the actual tariff table