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Telekom customers using iPhone handsets can also enjoy the benefits of 4G Voice by now

Budapest, September 4, 2017 15:00

  • 4G Voice will also be available from September to customers of Magyar Telekom using iPhone handsets
  • According to plans by year end further several thousand Telekom customers can enjoy the benefits of the 4G Voice service
  • The new technology enables faster call setup, HD voice quality and continuous 4G speed data connection, also during voice communication

From September Magyar Telekom starts activating the 4G Voice option in high numbers also to its iPhone customers, hence the 4G Voice gradually becomes available to them. Following the introduction of the 4G Voice service in April first it was made available to customers using Samsung telephones falling in the model category of Samsung Galaxy S7 and up. Consequent to the cooperation with mobile terminal manufacturers, Telekom gradually expands this option for other terminal types as well. According to plans, by year end the 4G capability will be activated for further several thousand Telekom subscribers, resulting in faster call setup, HD voice quality and continuous, 4G speed mobile internet connection also during voice communication.

In case of iPhones, the condition to using 4G is to have an iPhone 6 or higher category handset, running iOS 10.3.3 software or a newer version. In default setting the VoLTE (4G Voice) function is enabled on terminals, and this setting can be checked in the settings menu.
Customers eligible for the 4G Voice option receive an SMS notification. Service activation can also be initiated individually, through the customer service channels.

Magyar Telekom was the first Hungarian operator to launch the voice service on April 27, 2017 on its entire 4G network in Hungary. Using the VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) technology, voice calls can also be made through the 4G network (not 3G or 2G) which represents an important milestone also in terms of mobile network development, as it channels mobile services towards the completely IP-based networks, offering glitch-free connections.

Further details about the service:

Currently the national residential outdoor coverage of Telekom’s 4G network is 98.4 percent. The 4G+ mobile internet service offering 2-300 Mbps nominal maximum speed is also available nationwide to almost 30% of the population.