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Magyar Telekom hits 2nd place in global sustainability ranking

Budapest, February 14, 2018 14:00

Magyar Telekom is proud to be included in the prestigious report of oekom research as the second top performing telecommunications company according to its sustainability operations. The report evaluates  118 telecommunication companies globally along their efforts to conduct sustainable business operations.

The ranking of the world’s telecommunication companies was disclosed in the latest report in January 2018 according to which Magyar Telekom trails the parent company  Deutsche Telekom  by taking the second place in the global ranking by sustainability activities. The third place was achieved by AT&T Inc. in the US. Total of 118 companies were assessed from the telecommunications sector of which only 21 companies (17.8%) were ranked in Prime category, recommended for investment.

Sustainability management aligned with the global challenges is of a key importance in the operation of business companies. oekom research, an independent agency analysing business ventures from sustainability aspects, examined and ranked the social principles for staff and suppliers, the relation between society and product responsibility, corporate governance and business ethics, environmental management, products and services and eco-efficiency. The key sustainability topics were data protection and information security, climate protection and energy efficiency of networks and data centres, customer orientation/-protection, e.g. responsible marketing, digital inclusion and protection of minors, supply chain management.

Magyar Telekom is conducting its fourth sustainability strategy for 2016-2020 which was developed in accordance with the expectations of responsible investors to further the strategic achievements of the previous period. The strategy is in line with relevant EU directives,UN Sustainable Development Goals, industrial and corporate trends, as well as local conditions and consumption patterns. Its main objective is to make sustainability an integral part of Magyar Telekom’s business. Until 2020, climate protection, education and awareness, and digitally enabled sustainablility are the major foci of the strategy.

oekom research is an independent agency analyzing investment targets in terms of sustainability. The agency analyses over 3,800 companies and 56 countries with regard to their environmental and social performance, and its160 clients include companies offering financial services and managing an overall amount of more than EUR 1.5 trillion. oekom research examined the environmental and social impacts of operation of the Magyar Telekom in 2009, in 2013, in 2014 ranked Magyar Telekom to the third place, in 2017 ranked to the second place and by all examination it ranked the Group in the prime, i.e. recommended for investment category.