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Telekom ranks No. 1 in the field of online mobile telephone sales

Budapest, April 25, 2019 11:00

Telekom ranks No. 1 in the field of online mobile telephone sales

In 2018 Magyar Telekom generated the biggest turnover from selling mobile telephones and tablets in the Hungarian online retail market - as it turns out from GKI Digital’s market analysis.* According to the analyst company’s measurement results one third of mobile handsets and tablets sold online in 2018 were purchased from Telekom’s online sales platform.

In 2018 Telekom’s online webshop was the market leader in mobile telephone and tablet sales. One third of the entire online mobile telephone and tablet sales volume was generated by the market leader communication service provider’s online sales interface with a total turnover of 8,3 billion HUF in 2018 - as presented in GKI Digital’s market analysis. Last year these two product groups generated almost 25 billion HUF in the Hungarian online market.

“The total Hungarian online retail turnover was 425 billion HUF in 2018 out of which telephones and tablets had a share of almost 25 billion HUF” - as Norbert Madar, GKI Digital’s senior consultant characterized the domestic online retail sector.

Telekom’s webshop sells 85 thousand mobile telephones per year while a total of 140 thousand items are purchased in Telekom’s online sales platform where 1600 different product and service variations can be purchased.

“When selecting their new device people want to make sure that the new tool fits their needs in any lifestyle and offers a solution to any challenge of the digital world. Customers have recognized that Telekom offers a great choice and the most wanted features under very favorable conditions.  GKI Digital’s market analysis is a clearly positive feedback on Magyar Telekom’s commitment to the continuous promotion of the importance of online shopping while offering superior customer experience to existing and future customers both in the field of shopping or simply browsing the devices on the company’s website. By way of building trust in online sales Telekom contributes to Hungary’s digital development” - said Zoltán Pereszlényi, Magyar Telekom’s Consumer Marketing and Sales Management Director.

"Our main objective - with which we achieved this outstanding result - is to ensure that our customers may come across the most suitable offer for them. We achieve this with the use of cutting edge methods, such as the data-driven operating model.  Through continuous development and fine-tuning we gain our customers’ trust and they know that we offer them the most suitable solution from Telekom’s product and service portfolio. Following the communication area the order fulfillment department will also switch to data-driven operation in the near future” - added András Szegedin Head of Magyar Telekom’s eSALES and Digital Campaign Management Department.

*Methodology: Upon determination of the market share of e-commerce market players GKI Digital takes the 5200, Hungarian language, HUF currency online stores selling physical goods (too) as the basis. The market share in Y2018 was determined on the basis of the online sales turnover. The basis of the survey was the quarterly data supply by retailers as well as GKI Digital’s own turnover models and residential researches.