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Successful tests at Telekom’s first standard 5g test station in Zalaegerszeg

Budapest, May 24, 2019 11:00

Successful tests at Telekom’s first standard 5g test station in Zalaegerszeg

Magyar Telekom launched Hungary’s first standard 5G test station in downtown Zalaegerszeg. During the first three months of test operation the network functioned in a reliable, stable way, and thanks to the developments and settings modifications, the achievable peak speeds are getting higher. The interworking among devices from various vendors, used for testing, also proved to be satisfactory. Besides Zalaegerszeg, Telekom is testing 5G technology in Kecskemét as well. Additionally, the development of business solutions, using the network, has also started: Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary are constructing a dedicated, wireless network that can be rendered 5G capable later, on a facility of an automotive vendor, while on Monday, self driving cars demonstrated their maneuvering abilities, using the 5G network at the ZalaZONE test track.

Magyar Telekom started testing 5th generation mobile technology on a live mobile network at the beginning of this year, at their mobile station operating in downtown Zalaegerszeg. The test network, which operates under real life conditions and is capable of gigabit speed, uses 5G network devices ready for commercial launch. The tests are carried out in the 3.6-3.7GHz range, standardized for 5G. The test network already operates according to the NSA (Non-Standalone) standard of late last year. NSA operation means that the signaling traffic corresponding to the communication is carried via the 4G, while data traffic via the new 5G network. Telekom is using devices from multiple vendors for testing, hence their interworking can also be tested under realistic network conditions. Based on the experiences of the first few months, the operation of the devices is in line with the present level of 5G development, the tests help experts perform the still necessary fine-tuning. During the recent testing period, within the real environment of the Zalaegerszeg station, already close to 1 Gbps top speed was measured on the network by the experts of Telekom.

„Our objective with the test operation is to get acquainted with the challenges and tasks related to the interworking of 5G with existing networks. The results of the first few months are instructive and promising. In the next phase of testing, besides the above factors, we shall also assess movements in latency and coverage. Besides the two Zalaegerszeg sites, we are performing tests in downtown Kecskemét, involving several mobile stations, which is another milestone in successfully preparing for the future launch of the 5G network” – said Dr. János Tremmel, director for network technology of Magyar Telekom.



In addition to the base station in the city center, Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary upgraded their existing transmission tower at the ZalaZONE test track to 5G, within the framework of an agreement concluded with the government, the city of Zalaegerszeg, and the Automotive Proving Ground Zala Ltd., with the objective to make the test track suitable for the development and testing of network connected self-driving vehicles, besides traditional ones.

„We are proud that Zalaegerszeg can be the 5G test city of Hungary. We believe that being the first will bring significant opportunities and ensure competitive edge for not only the city, but also the whole county.” – said Zoltán Balaicz, Mayor of Zalaegerszeg.

„Thanks to the 5G developments in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary may play a leading role in Industry 4.0. Our country is prepared for the race to digitization in the world. In Hungary, people and companies need a stable, good quality, fast and affordable 5G network. These days mark the start of a new infocommunication and digital development era in Hungary. Within the framework of the 5G Coalition, with our partners, we are aiming to make Hungary one of the European hubs of 5G development, and to play a regional leading role in the development and testing of new network technology and the related industrial solutions” – said Ákos Kara, Secretary of State for infocommunication and consumer protection.

In addition to the network, the Magyar Telekom group is also working on developing realistic business solutions in parallel, to ensure that the available network can support the business activities of Hungarian companies as soon as possible. Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary gave a demo with their partners, using the capacities of the transmission tower at the Zalaegerszeg test track, involving self-driving cars that communicate via 5G. Within the framework of another development, Magyar Telekom is the first in Hungary and the region to construct a 4G (i.e. LTE) based local communication network, on site of an automotive vendor, that can be considered a precursor to 5G networks, available in fragments in Hungary for industrial players, industrial and logistics parks. The solution, named Campus Network, provides dedicated, wireless connection on the area of the factory, among various devices and equipment, providing the transmission capacity and low latency, desired by users, safely and with high availability.

The next, fifth generation (5G) mobile technology ensures ca. ten times higher data transmission speed, considerably reduced latency, and much better customer experience than today. Thanks to its capacity, which is significantly higher than at present, tens of millions of devices can be concurrently connected to the network. 5G will bring new solutions in a number of industries, such as agriculture, the automotive industry, energetics, transport, health care or education.