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Telekom Magenta 1 discount package has already been chosen by 500,000 customers - Starting this fall, Magenta 1 offers even more

Budapest, September 9, 2019 11:00

  • In 2015, Telekom introduced its Magenta1 discount package, which allows customers to enjoy the service provider's home and mobile communications and entertainment services in one package on favorable terms. Today, 500,000 customers belong to the Magenta 1 community.
  • From August and September, Magenta 1 digital services were extended with new extra features: the Telekom Bill, showing both home and mobile services in the same document, the Net Guarantee and free HBO GO option until the end of the year.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses can opt for the Magenta 1 Business offer, which also includes the Magenta Bonus discount that customers can spend on IT services related to joint office work and IT security.

Four years ago, Telekom launched Magenta 1, a package of fixed, mobile and mobile services that is unique in the Hungarian market. The package brings together all digital accessories of life, from devices to subscriptions. Each family can tailor its content to their own needs. Since its introduction, the package has been significantly renewed several times, offering customers more discounts and extra services.


Now the Magenta 1 offer includes the following extra features:

  • Unlimited entertainment: Magenta 1 customers may enjoy HBO GO and all of its content for free of charge until the end of the year. This option can be activated in the Telekom mobile application with a simple click.
  • Telekom Bill: from September on Magenta 1 customers may receive their monthly bills for their home and mobile telephone services simultaneously, in one bill.
  • Net Guarantee: in the event of any outage of the fixed line internet service Magenta 1 customers receive unlimited mobile data service for 72 hours for all SIM cards involved in the package.
  • Extra handset discount: the most favorable handset offers are available for Magenta 1 subscribers.

Szabo_Melinda.jpg“Today, the telecommunications market is most strongly shaped by integrated offers that connect fixed and mobile services. One in five households in Europe is already subscribing to an integrated telecom package, and by 2021 this percentage may reach 50%. We are proud to have introduced this product category to domestic customers since the launch of Magenta 1 in 2015, and we already have 500,000 customers enjoying its benefits, along with the discounts and additional services it includes. According to our surveys, they are the most satisfied Telekom customers, so we are always trying to add something more to Magenta 1 to thank them for their loyalty” - said Melinda Szabó, Magyar Telekom’s Chief Commercial Officer Residential Services.

Two home (no need to include a landline phone subscription) and a mobile service is enough to take advantage of the Magenta 1 discount package, providing a great deal of flexibility for families. As part of the Magenta 1 offer, all subscriptions included in the package will receive a 30% discount on monthly subscriptions, doubling the domestic mobile data limit, providing free mobile calls within families and free TV option with TVGO with unlimited domestic data traffic. What's more, customers receive double topup bonuses on Domino prepaid calling numbers from the Magenta 1 package.

Small and medium business customers can take advantage of the Magenta 1 Business offer, which also comes with a 30% monthly discount, double mobile data and extra handset discounts. In addition, the package contains a so-called Magenta Bonus discount that customers can spend on IT services related to office collaboration and IT security services.