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More than ten thousand people watch 12th Sustainability Day

Budapest, September 18, 2019 14:00

Magyar Telekom held its twelfth Sustainability Day event at Akvárium Klub on September 14, 2019. This year’s theme of the event was “The Dirty Dozen”: experts on the breakup panels discussed specific topics relevant to the pillars of sustainability like climate change and its health effects, plastic waste, social bias, dark web, overconsumption, social bubble and the psychology of procrastination.


At the discussions, including several breaks and a musical program, too, held on Saturday between 12:00 and 20:00, the panel members, among others the two creators of the document series On the Spot, representatives of Greenpeace, WWF, European Climate Foundation and prominent sociologists, psychologists, researchers, artists, experts, as well as media and fashion professionals addressed the most important environmental, social and economic challenges related to climate change. By presenting experts’ opinions and demonstrating best practices, the objective of the organizers is to motivate a wider audience to adopt a more environment-conscious attitude.


Besides the professional events and discussions, the representatives of more than 40 organizations awaited those interested in sustainability. Visitors could learn more about systems fuelled by renewable energy, fashion products made of recycled materials, interactive and educational programs for kids, technological novelties and trendy, innovative solutions in the exhibition area. More than 7 thousand people attended the event in person, and close to 3 thousand followed the discussions online and on IP TV.


One of the highlights of the event was plogging, i.e. a run during which the participants picked up trash. Lead by the trainers of Adidas Runners Budapest and with the support of JÖN Foundation, the participants ran and cleaned up 5 kilometers in downtown Budapest. By the end of this extra program of the 12th Sustainability Day event, the runners had managed to collect a container-load of trash, and by that, contribute to a cleaner, more livable urban environment.


The award ceremony of the creative contest launched in the summer also took place as part of the 12th Sustainability Day event. The “Let’s make something clear!” slogan inspired many, and a professional jury selected the best works. The first place in the creative category, sponsored by Ringier-Axel Springer, went to István Kollár’s work titled “KatasztróFa”. Zsombor Virág’s “Forced knowledge” came in first in the film category, sponsored by Cisco. Panna Pejtsik received the first prize in the Music/Slam category, sponsored by Samsung, awarded to her for her work titled “Get out of the plastic bag!”. The most visitor votes were cast for András Sipos’s creative work titled “Bin There X Budapest Park”, so the audience award went to him, courtesy of
The 12 th Sustainability Day event was concluded by a party featuring DJ Q-CEE and Random Trip, and the DJs of the Gerapppaaa party series.