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Telekom launches commercial 5G service

Budapest, April 9, 2020 09:00

On April 9, Telekom has launched their commercial 5G service. The service can be used with 5G capable devices and the appropriate postpaid package, in certain parts of Budapest and Zalaegerszeg. 5G network capability shall be ensured by the service provider for 6 months in case of  packages of the marketable portfolios, containing unlimited mobile data plans, while if the customer purchases a 5G capable device, 5G capability will be available for 3 months with packages of the marketable residential portfolio, containing 10 GB, and packages of the marketable small business portfolio containing 15 GB data plans, which will be  automatically and continuously activated by Telekom for the relevant customers. 5G technology, allowing data transmission rates significantly higher than earlier, low latency, and the connection of a vast amount of network devices shall open up a number of new possibilities for residential and industrial use.

At the time of launch, the service shall be available in certain parts of downtown Budapest, in the Telekom HQ at Könyves Kálmán körút, and the adjacent Groupama Arena, the Puskás Ferenc stadium, in downtown Zalaegerszeg, and  at the Zalaegerszeg ZalaZone automotive test track.

To be able to use it, you need, besides 5G network coverage, 5G capable devices and a suitable mobile data package. The 5G service will be provided by Telekom for subscribers already using or switching to the Korlátlan Net (unlimited net), Korlátlan Net Max (unlimited net max), Flotta Korlátlan Net (fleet unlimited net)  or Üzleti Adat Korlátlan (business data unlimited) mobile internet services for a period of 6 months; and for customers purchasing a new, 5G-capable device and selecting or already using Net 10 GB, Flotta Net 10 GB, Flotta Net 20 GB, Üzleti Adat 15 GB mobile internet packages, for a period of 3 months from activation upon purchase, free of charge, as part of a campaign.

The Telekom portfolio currently features two 5G-capable devices, LG V50 and Huawei Mate 20X 5G, however, Samsung 5G devices, already part of the portfolio, shall also become 5G-capable, after a software upgrade. Naturally, the range of devices will be continusly extended by the end of the year, with 5G-capable devices from several vendors.

Telekom‘s commercial 5G service is operating within the 3.6 GHz frequency range. Similarly to the 2G, 3G, 4G technologies, Ericsson Hungary was Magyar Telekom‘s partner in constructing the 5G stations operational upon commercial launch.

„Magyar Telekom has for long been preparing for the introduction of 5G, we have been investigating the technology and the embedded opportunities for years now, and have also been operating a test network for the past 6 months. Thanks to this, a few days after the announcement of the results of the successful frequency bidding, we can already launch our commercial 5G service. 5G technology, allowing for data transmission rates significantly higher than earlier, low latency, and the connection of a vast amount of network devices shall open up a number of new possibilities for industrial use as well as in the everyday life of people. Relying on the newly obtained frequencies, we can further develop our key mobile network infrastructure, according to our plans, by the end of the year, we will further increase our 5G regional coverage, to make the newest generation of mobile technology available to an increasing number of subscribers” – said Tibor Rékasi, CEO of Magyar Telekom.

The newly obtained frequencies will bring the business and industrial use of 5G within reach, and open up new horizons in the world of IoT (Internet of Things), for which, Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary are preparing, among others, with campus solutions. With the 5G service, key systems can be migrated to a flexible, high availability connection, but completely new use cases can also be identified, making for example manufacturing, logistics, transport or the operation of smart cities more simple and efficient.

Further information:

Dear customers, we would like to ask you to primarily get information regarding our recently launched 5G service on our website, considering the coronavirus situation. Please, only visit Telekom shops in person if it is absolutely necessary and you are healthy!