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Telekom Launches Digital Initiative To Help Businesses - Hello Business Club, the digitally ready for action community of small and medium enterprises, is about to launch

Budapest, June 2, 2020 16:00

With new mobile packages, Telekom helps businesses restart after the Coronavirus. The customized combinations of data and voice packages not only offer flexibility to hundreds of thousands of domestic small and medium enterprises, but using the 5G capable packages, businesses can more efficiently introduce or roll-out solutions required for business digitalization. Besides all that, as part of a special and unconventional initiative, with today’s campaign start, Telekom offers part of their advertisement space to selected businesses, registered in the Hello Business Club, to help them achieve their business goals.

Without digital solutions, adapting to the situation caused by the pandemic and the occasionally forced transition to alternative solutions would have been a lot more cumbersome. Even before the Coronavirus, digital solutions meant a more efficient solution to a number of problems, and their role in business life will become even more important after the epidemic. Recognizing this, Telekom renewed their packages, offered to the small and medium enterprise (SME) customer segment, to give even more help to enterprises in moving their business forward: with the flexibly combined packages, Telekom provides an efficient answer to the challenges in business. The new offers are an addition to a professional and community initiative that helps small and medium enterprises become digitalized. The Telekom Hello Business Club is even more than that: it is a partnership of support and professionalism to promote the use of digital solutions that carry the business forward.

For the digital expansion of SMEs, Telekom set the target to ensure that  their new and existing business customers make the most of the benefits of digitalization. The new offer allows for any combination of four voice and four mobile net packages, with conditions that are more favorable than ever before. Already the basic package contains unlimited domestic calls within the Telekom mobile network, while in the XL construction, in addition to unlimited EU roaming,  there is no limit to base rate calls to international tariff zones 1-3, even in an EU-roaming situation. Hence, for example, besides neighboring countries, 0 HUF tariff applies to calls from Hungary to countries like the United States, Switzerland, Canada, China and Turkey.  The new offers promote the digital transformation of SMEs by not having to subscribe to an unlimited mobile net package, because that is available with every voice package.

Another novelty is that  for mobile net packages, already the smallest, 5GB category includes unlimited use of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Waze, meaning that using these apps within country borders will not deplete your data plan. Telekom even prepared for the introduction of the new packages with affordably priced devices. Naturally, even more is included in the unlimited domestic package, offering a 30 GB data plan within the EU zone, which is 5G capable, without time limitation. Business subscribers purchasing a 5G capable device can now get a taste of the benefits of this new generation mobile technology for 3 months on a promotional basis, if they opt for a 10 or 15 GB data package. By subscribing to at least one business mobile package,  and one fixed business service, you can enjoy the Magenta 1 Business discount which means not only a 30% reduction on your monthly fee for the included mobile and fixed services, but also doubles the data  available in the selected net package. Those with only a mobile subscription are entitled to a fleet discount already from two SIM cards, which gives them a 10% reduction from their voice and net service fees for all of their business subscriptions.

While the Telekom Hello Business Club is both a knowledge base and a framework for the SMEs to restart or strengthen their activities from now using digital services, the renewal of the mobile service portfolio to make it more customizable, gives them sort of a digital springboard for a more focussed use of these features. We are confident that an increasing number of SMEs will recognize that the only way to business success is a digital one ” – said István Iski, leader of the Telekom SoHo-SMB Experience area.