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Telekom prepares for the summer season with extended mobile network capacities

Budapest, June 24, 2020 10:00

  • Until June, Telekom performed a capacity extension on 40 of their base stations around Lake Balaton, and another 30 will be extended during the next weeks, in order to service holiday-makers with increased capacities.
  • In July, 5G services will be launched by Telekom on altogether 15 base stations in 6 coastal settlements around Lake Balaton, and by the end of the summer, the number of 5G stations will increase to 40 around our biggest lake.
  • The service provider prepares for the higher demand during the summer season with upgraded capacities around Lake Velencei and Lake Tisza as well.

Due to the recently ended epidemic crisis, it is assumed that a higher than usual number of people will opt to go on holiday to domestic locations, Telekom is preparing for the increase in mobile traffic, expected around the great lakes during the summer peak holiday season, with capacity upgrades. The objective of the developments is to ensure that customers do not experience any latency, lagging while making calls, browsing the Internet or using various mobile applications.

The service provider has around 150 base stations to service customers around Lake Balaton, of which 40 stations have already been upgraded, which significantly adds to the capacities available in the service area of the stations.  Another 30 stations will be extended in the upcoming weeks, meaning already during this season. But the work will not stop there at the end of the summer, all stations around Lake Balaton will get an upgrade, so that customers can enjoy excellent service quality everywhere.

Melinda Szabó, Chief Commercial Officer of Magyar Telekom said: „This season around Lake Balaton will surely be different than before, and not just from a tourism perspective. Customers, visiting Lake Balaton this year, will be able to have an unlimited experience in multiple ways. Thanks to the efforts of our technical team, the capacity of our network will significantly increase, and we can continue to service the continuously increasing data demand with excellent service quality. We are actively working to ensure availability of our 5G service at more and more locations, hence from July, our customers can enjoy the experience of 5G in several cities around Lake Balaton, providing higher speed, more online devices, shorter latency – this is what the new technology can provide, and it is only the beginning.”

In July, first around Lake Balaton, 15 base stations in 6 coastal towns  -  Siófok, Tihany, Balatonalmádi, Fonyód, Balatonföldvár and Balatonszabadi-Sóstó – will be upgraded by Telekom for 5G services, offering even higher bandwidth, lower latency and the possibility for seamless, concurrent connection of significantly more devices. According to plans, by the end of the summer, the number of stations, providing 5 G coverage around Lake Balaton, will increase to 40. 5G services can be used with a suitable device and tariff package, in areas of coverage.

In the vicinity of Lake Velencei, 16 base stations provide service coverage, of these every second one will have a capacity extension during the summer. Telekom will also upgrade a base station on one of their towers servicing the area of the Tisza Lake, to ensure higher capacities.