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Telekom’s network now has more than two million gigabit endpoints

Budapest, May 19, 2020 13:00

  • Between 2015 and 2019 Magyar Telekom spent HUF 246 billion on the infrastructure development of the company’s mobile and fixed network in Hungary.
  • Telekom now offers gigabit access on its optical and cable network at 2 million endpoints, which means that gigabit bandwidth is available for 40% of Hungarian homes and businesses.
  • The company's long-term goal is to provide gigabit network capability across the whole country.

In order to better serve the needs of its customers Telekom has been investing vast resources for years into the development of its fixed network. As a result, the number of gigabit access points on the network has now exceeded two million. This means that Telekom can offer gigabit services to 40% of homes and businesses in Hungary. The commitment to building a gigabit society is shown by the fact that Telekom pays special attention to covering smaller settlements as well: the company has introduced the gigabit network in 710 settlements under the population of 5,000 residents.

Telekom develops its gigabit network with two different technologies: it has enabled high-speed internet access by modernizing its existing cable network at 675,000 endpoints, while also developed a new optical network at a total of 1,357,000 endpoints (of which nearly 350,000 was connected in 2019).

In these areas Telekom offers its customers super high speed internet connection: on the fiber network the company offers internet package with 2 Gbps * while in the renewed cable network 1 Gbps ** packages are available. Through the new network plenty of TV channels, HD picture and sound quality and multi-screen movies have become available while several existing interactive TV features can still be used continuously, such as stop and rewind live TV programs, programmable recording with the press of a single button, digital program guide, MoziKlub (Cinema Club) and Videotéka (video on demand service), in addition to a variety of online applications available on the TV screen. Local businesses may also benefit from the advantages offered by broadband internet, as their operation will become faster and more flexible that improves their competitiveness.

Lubor Zatko, Telekom’s Chief Technology and IT Officer said: “In recent weeks the role of state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure and digital services in sustaining economic life and our daily lives has become clear. We are proud that Telekom's fixed and mobile network reliably serves home and business needs despite the extraordinary load caused by the emergency situation, which is result of many years of dedicated work. This year we will continue our intense gigabit development program, which is a significant factor in the digital development of Hungary.”

The work will continue at a similar pace this year as well: in the first quarter a newly built optical network was handed over in District VI., VIII., XI. and XIII. in Budapest as well as in Bábolna, Bagod, Bak, Debrecen, Derecske, Kiskunfélegyháza, Komárom, Kömlőd, Miskolc, Nagyigmánd, Pacsa, Pusztavám, Tác and Zalaegerszeg.

Magyar Telekom’s long-term objective is to ensure gigabit network speed in the entire country. To this end Telekom will focus more on further increasing the fiber network coverage, gradually replacing copper networks.

* In the case of NET 2000/1000 package the offered maximum download/upload speed is 2000/1000 Mbps. The guaranteed download/upload speed is 300/50 Mbps. The maximum download speed can be reached with the simultaneous use of multiple devices.

** In the case of NET 1000/25 package the offered maximum download/upload speed is 1000/25 Mbps. The guaranteed download/upload speed is 100/4 Mbps.