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Telekom Launches Digital Initiative To Help Businesses - Hello Business Club, the digitally ready for action community of small and medium enterprises, is about to launch

Budapest, May 21, 2020 14:00

  • The objective of the community is to ensure that SMEs are able to present themselves to their potential customers online
  • With a few clicks, SMEs that joined can create data pages and online business cards for free
  • Any SME can joint the Hello Business Club, while Telekom customer businesses with a staff of more than 50 may even get the opportunity for a bit of publicity via the Nationwide Telekom campaign

The recently launched Hello Business Club is a professional initiative that offers small and medium enterprise members digital knowledge, online presence and a new partnership in digitalization and in the changing world following the virus. ++The primary objective of this community initiative is to ensure that SMEs can digitally present themselves to their potential customers and business partners. Also, to be able to share their knowledge with one-another on how they can further build or even restart their business, using digital services, solutions.

Recognizing that in Hungary the business activities of hundreds of thousands of small businesses are going through a smaller or larger change, or even a complete transformation, Telekom, under the flag of partnership, launched their community initiative, in which they offer real value to Hungarian small and medium enterprises, free of charge. The Telekom Hello Business Club helps all SMEs become digitalized, and gives even more than that, support and help in a partnership for all changes that carry the business forward through the use of digital solutions.

Any SME can register to the Telekom Hello Business Club, regardless of area of operation or company profile. Within a few minutes, the business can create their digital presence, urging businesses nationwide to proudly present the strengths of their company and their products in online space. Using the UI that assists SMEs in their digitalization, the company can not only set up a data page, but with a few clicks, they can even create their first digital business card. This online promotional medium can be freely used for online advertisements later, helping SMEs more actively represent themselves online.

The SMEs, registering to the club, with a maximum staff of 50, and with a Telekom subscription, can now be part of a special campaign as well: Telekom’s nationwide online campaign, starting in June will feature businesses, registering to the Telekom Hello Business Club, by random selection. Businesses can also apply for selection by Telekom, and will get publicity in the Corporation’s TV spot.

Telekom’s intention is to create a real community of registering businesses, so that they can find partners and customers, in the further development or even the digitalization of their company. By spawning this community, Telekom’s objective is to recognize the businesses, acting as the motor of Hungary’s economy, and to help them in their process of digitalization, regardless of whether the changes were prompted by the coronavirus, or the business had already been on track towards digital developments.

„We would like to create value for the wider community of Hungarian SMEs, to help them become even more successful in this changing world.” – said Béla Szabó, Telekom’s Brand and Commercial Communication Director, in connection with the launch of the Telekom Hello Business Club.
„We are confident that an active dialogue would be started on how small and medium enterprises can make use of the opportunities offered by the digital world, how they can further their own business using digital tools, and have a chance at commercial success.” – added Péter Kollár, Head of Telekom’s SoHo Segment Management Department.