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Telekom helps small business digitalization with free of charge net and personal consultation

Budapest, September 21, 2020 16:00

Telekom calls for a one hundred day year-end race for small and medium enterprises, reminding them that a small business can achieve positive changes even with minor digital developments. 

SMBs provide job opportunities for almost two thirds of those employed in the Hungarian private business sector, therefore supporting them and their digital development is of great importance. During the period until the end of December, businesses will face an extra amount of tasks and intensive work. Telekom provides support in meeting these challenges, so that they can make the most out of the one hundred days remaining until year end: new small and medium business subscribers won’t have to pay monthly fees for their fixed business internet access, ordered latest by October 25, provided  that they had not used Telekom internet service at the given site during the six months preceding the order and opt for two years of loyalty. The telco shall install the service extra fast, within 5 days, if no construction work is required at the site, and guarantees free of charge use until December 31. The details of the offer can be found here.

Already in 31 Telekom shops, so called HelloBusiness desks are installed for SMBs, where they can get dedicated customer care. They can turn to personal consultants with questions regarding mobile and fixed services, be it about purchasing equipment, devices, or other IT services, digital solutions, provided by Telekom.

„Indeed, this year presented serious challenges for domestic businesses, however we should remember that all such situations can be a breakout point for those who can use the unfolding opportunity. As a dedicated partner to the Hungarian SMB sector, we would like to encourage them to launch digital developments, presenting that even with smaller steps, they can achieve spectacular results.” – says István Iski, Head of the Soho-SMB Experience Unit.

A non-representative spring survey of Magyar Telekom demonstrated that more than half of the businesses were preparing for digital developments during the second half of the year. According to the study, featuring company managers and employees alike, more and more entrepreneurs came to the conclusion that the digital way is either the easier or the only way. While most of them survived the spring lockdown with reduced capacities, many were able to adapt to the new situation, redesigning their business operations. Telekom stood constantly by SMBs as a partner in overcoming the extraordinary challenges, and now the company contributes with this special business offer to the one hundred day year-end run, when businesses will try to recover losses suffered during the spring lockdown. Telekom will not only support them, but also not-for-profit organizations, with a discounted Magenta 1 Business/Nonprofit offer , to promote the digitalization of the not-for-profit sector and to help the awareness-raising efforts of these organizations.

Besides the benefits contained in the package, the Telekom Hello Busines Club  continues to look for future SMB partners to a professional-social initiative, that offers its members the opportunity of digital knowledge, online appearance and new digital partnerships. Through the Club, members get expert help and can digitally present themselves to customers and business partners, also sharing their knowledge for example about how they would rebuild or even restart their business, using digital solutions.