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Mobile office from Telekom: full fleded office environment in your pocket

Budapest, January 18, 2021 14:00

Business has not stopped and the rapidly changing world increasingly values mobility, flexibility, scalability and security - new solutions are needed to ensure an efficient work environment in all circumstances. The Telekom Mobile Office's software and hardware technologies provide a full-scope office work environment for anyone who wishes to respond to future challenges, even if someone is physically out of office, travelling or on the move.

The epidemic has rewritten the normal rules of work - some or all of the employees work from home and customers expect more and more flexibility, even amidst the relevant constraints. The future often seems unpredictable, but there are firm reference points: whatever happens business must not stop and assignments must be performed in a proper quality. The Telekom Mobile Office is the first to create an integrated platform for this, allowing business users to take it anywhere in their pocket - or more precisely in their Samsung DeX-capable Galaxy premium smartphone or tablet - and go live in a full fledged office environment at any time.

The Telekom Mobile Office is currently available for medium and large enterprises.Anyone who travels a lot because of their work, rushes from customer to customer all day, manages sensitive data, sometimes has access to large databases and needs to use graphics programs, knows from experience that something must always be given up when working out of the office: sometimes the use of certain office programs, sometimes security, and sometimes all this at the same time. The Telekom Mobile Office offers more than any mobile optimized office application so far, without any compromise in any area. The Galaxy mobile device - smartphone or tablet - only needs a proper internet connection to access the services running in the cloud: the applications and sensitive data are not stored in the device, it only provides access and an interface and if one needs a bigger screen the mobile device can be connected to a monitor, smart TV or projector with the use of an adapter. The Telekom Mobile Office does not only provide the device but also the communication channels - voice and data connection even on 5G -, Microsoft business software and teamwork solutions (Microsoft365, Teams, Azure), as well as the expert background for the cloud services introduced and operated by T-Systems. Thus, with the partnership of Telekom, T-Systems, Microsoft and Samsung, all company software and applications can be accessed with a single DeX-capable smartphone, independently from the location of use. The mobile device works as a virtual computer with which one can open and edit attachments, similarly to working on a laptop - only in a more flexible and dynamic way.

As the mobile device becomes an infrastructure for a full fledged office work environment, one’s private sphere also remains safe: separating Personal and Work profiles ensure that sensitive corporate information are not mixed with private data or be accessible to unauthorized persons. For the Telekom Mobile Office security is a top priority, using the most advanced data and virus protection solutions from Microsoft and Samsung Knox. The two profiles can be used in parallel, so while working with an office application one can launch a personal application to listen to music, to make a phone call or to send an SMS from a private number while theoffice application is still running.

The Telekom Mobile Office is scalable: if users need more software or hardware capacity in the background, e.g. to view layouts or for video rendering, it is enough to temporarily expand the resources available from the cloud, or to ensure a separate virtual machine. At the same time one may still enjoy the  benefits of a mobile environment: the full fledged Telekom Mobile Office, capable for voice and video recording, voice and video calling, note-taking, scanning - not to mention gaming, listening to music and other entertainment options, can be carried anywhere in a lightweight device that can be equipped with a heavy-duty case that can be used with an external keyboard.

We offer different solutions customized to our customers’ needs. Telekom and T-Systems customer managers are happy to help you to choose the one that best suits your company’s requirements.

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