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Campus Network service from Magyar Telekom - Servicing Industry 4.0 ambitions

Budapest, May 25, 2021 14:00

For the first time in Hungary, Magyar Telekom is offering private (non-public) mobile networks as commercial service to its customers. The network, tailored to the individual local requirements of the customers, is more reliable than public mobile networks, and higher quality services can be provided on it than on public mobile networks . The emergence of private networks may significantly accelerate the spread of Industry 4.0 solutions, but it is also a long awaited service for office and university campus environments. The construction of the private networks and the solutions based on it are offered by T-Systems Hungary.

The age of private mobile networks will bring about a new type of collaboration among companies, like telecommunication and digital service providers. Private mobile networks are deployed by the service providers according to the individual needs of the customers and are operated along parameters agreed in a unique service level agreement, which often means much stricter and focused requirements than those applicable to public mobile networks. The needs of Industry 4.0 solutions can be supported by these private mobile networks due to their higher availability and low latency, agreed by the provider.

Parallel with the spread of residential 5G access, the demand for fast and secure private mobile network access (characterized by high availability, low latency), used for industrial, corporate or institutional environments, is rapidly increasing. Service level offered by public networks are not sufficient for all companies. The Campus Network (private mobile network) solution introduced by Magyar Telekom concurrently makes available quick and flexible 4G and/or 5G connection, at the same time the network is tailored to the special local requirements of the customers, separating it from the public network.

Campus Network (private mobile network) and the industry solutions based on it are a special service of Magyar Telekom and T-Systems, which are implemented on the basis of individual customer needs. The private mobile network infrastructure is deployed on the customer site, according to customer unique requirements, and it is operated along specific parameters – such as coverage, capacity, data transmission throughput, latency, availability, reliability. Within the area of the private network, certain applications become available, for example smart robots, AR/VR applications, self-driving vehicles (AGV), remote control. With the help of the private mobile network, within its service coverage area, the customer can set up their manufacturing, production function a lot more flexibly, and can more easily transform it at any time, adapting to actual production needs.

Availability and security are greatly enhanced by the fact that the private mobile network can exclusively be used by devices specified by the customer, other devices, not registered to the given network, cannot use it. This allows for only connecting specific mobile devices, office devices and computers to a network set up within an office building. The resulting private mobile network is capable of providing Gbps bandwidth, besides enhanced security.

The private mobile network of Magyar Telekom, and applications developed for it by T-Systems, are already being tested, for the first time in Hungary, under realistic production conditions, at the site of BorgWarner Oroszlány Ltd. BorgWarner is testing the constructed network – besides traditional telecommunication capabilities – for internal logistics (barcode reading, automated material handling) and production control (PLC data connection) applications. The network will later also be ready for transitioning to the 5G network.