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Digital Office packages from Telekom with Zoom videoconferencing service

Budapest, October 19, 2021 10:00

The pandemic, promoting the digital migration, has highlighted that those who care about the continued development of their business and about making it more resilient to the crisis, should continue to strengthen their online presence. Telekom is now helping SMEs do this: Digital Office packages have been developed in conjunction with Zoom  also supporting the teleworking solutions for SMEs by offering a cost-effective, professional way for communicating with employees and customers over the Internet.

Sometimes joint discussions within the company and consultations with customers are essential even if there is no time (or opportunity, due to possible quarantine restrictions) for a personal meeting. This recognition is behind Telekom's new offer for SMEs: this time, a service provider, supporting the digital development of businesses with a diverse set of tools, wants to help them efficiently integrate Zoom conferences into everyday business, to  improve profitability and to help teleworking become increasingly important in the lives of SMEs.

The newly introduced Digital Office M and L packages open up new perspectives for SMEs - in virtually any business, from education to gardening, from transportation to electrical installation - to communicate with employees and business partners. Thanks to the new packages, the operation of the business is no longer tied to a specific location: even from another city or a remote country, the business can be successfully managed using an online video connection.

As part of the offer, Telekom Zoom provides 10 GB of free data per subscription in addition to a business mobile subscription for successful online conferencing. Each Digital Office suite includes Hungarian-language support for starting usage and troubleshooting, an unlimited number of appointments, the ability to meet for up to 30 hours, and 1 GB of cloud storage to record appointments. All of this is optionally accompanied by auxiliary services such as preparing a transcript of the recording stored in the cloud (in English) or displaying image elements of the business on the meeting UI.

Further details on the offer are available here.

Telekom's business education platform, Telekom Hello Biznisz supports SMEs in gaining business inspiration from flexible working and video communication, with the help of professional articles and a presentation of D, i.e. digitalization plans that introduce you to the secrets of preparing for an online meeting, based on successful, easy-to-adopt examples of other entrepreneurs.

“Our conviction, which has been confirmed by the experience of the last year and a half of the pandemic, is that all businesses can be digitalized, and digital solutions provide opportunities for development and progress for all SMEs. During the epidemic-related restrictions, it was also found that if digitalization was at the right level, even the quarantine  became easier to get through, and neither location nor distance could be a barrier to business success. With our new, discounted digital offer, we want to help make efficiency-enhancing online tools accessible to everyone and ensure that neither financial means nor usage skills represent an obstacle for any SME ” said István Iski, Director of Telekom's Soho-SMB area.