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Make It Big! with Telekom - Telekom supports the development of entrepreneurs with new offers and an online series showing the digital transformation of small businesses

Budapest, July 5, 2022 11:45

How can we make our customers even more satisfied and provide them with even higher quality services or products? - is the question asked by most company managers, whether it is a business that is just starting up or one that has been operating well for several years. While development and growth mean different things to different companies, the role of digital solutions has become equally valued everywhere and at every point, and has become crucial: Telekom is now undertaking to show - with the help of a "transformative show" that can be followed online - how digitalization contributes to the development of businesses, which Telekom also supports with new business offers and solutions.

On July 4, Make it Big! the online transformative series started on Telekom's Hello Business platform , in which Telekom experts, in collaboration with marketing consultant Gábor Wolf and two small businesses, show how businesses can move forward with the help of digital solutions and tools - even in the course of a few days. Among other things, the Smart Wi-Fi system, the unification and transformation of online presence, or even a practically selected smart device can all contribute to the fact that the entrepreneurs participating in the transformation move forward in the development of their company, find an opportunity to solve an obvious problem, even a long-postponed one. Through the example of the development of the entrepreneurs participating in the project, it becomes obvious and tangible how digitialzation helps business efficiency and the success of a small business, and that in addition to expertise, enthusiasm and creativity, all that is needed are a few digital solutions and the business is already developing.

"We believe that the use of digital solutions and opportunities enables the non-stop development of businesses, and thus business effectiveness. By showing the digital transformation of companies, our goal is that through good examples, as many businesses as possible reach the point of recognition," said István Iski, Telekom's head of small and medium businesses area.

The first in Telekom’s Make It Big! series is a Budapest beauty salon, where we can follow customized and practical developments in the course of just one week - with the guidance of Telekom's best specialists. It also becomes clear how much change can be achieved not only in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of the prospects for the business, since a higher level of digitalization also creates an opportunity for the business to achieve practically continuous development.

In order to support the non-stop development of businesses, Telekom has expanded its offers for small businesses with four new elements:

The new Business Data Non-stop package offers 1 GB of data per day, which, unlike "data limited" packages, does not interrupt Internet access after using up the data balance, as the Internet remains available, only at a slower speed. Primarily it can be a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses that are not yet looking for the benefits inherent in unlimited data, but their demand for mobile data has already noticeably increased and they do not want to give up the continuous, 0-24 hours presence of the mobile Internet service in connection with their business either.

Telekom also wants to encourage those businesses that are open to experimentation and trying out new applications. Businesses that have a mobile tariff package from the new business mobile portfolio and download a paid application by charging it to their mobile account will receive a maximum net discount of HUF 1,000 per month. According to Telekom's expectations, this discount will help and encourage the use of new applications, even with a monthly fee, which, when integrated into the business process, will promote the development of the company.

Telekom is also helping premium level Magenta 1 Business customers with new discounts and solutions: from now on, businesses that have at least 4 unlimited tariff packages and Business Data Non-stop or unlimited data will have their own dedicated Telekom contact person and consultant to help them with their work and administration, save time and thus save energy for the business. As part of the monthly fee discount of the Magenta 1 Business Premium package, the previously mentioned subscriptions receive a 50% discount on the monthly fee, and other mobile or fixed subscriptions receive a 30% discount. (businesses that meet the conditions will automatically receive the premium level classification.)