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Faster and more payment at festivals on the dedicated Campus Network of Telekom and T-Systems

Budapest, July 7, 2022 18:45

A private, dedicated mobile network that is even more closed and protected than public networks - Telekom and T-Systems' so-called Campus Network's solution - ensures smoother payment at Festipay terminals at the three major events of the summer, EFOTT, Sziget and Strand Festival. As participants of the events, all we perceive from this is that we are not standing in line for long minutes because the terminal where we want to pay is slow or cannot establish a connection with the appropriate server. This is due to the fact that, in the background, the organizers can dedicate the private mobile network, established by Telekom on location, to the goal they consider a priority - to serve the festival-goers as quickly as possible, independent of any possible public network load.

Festipay, together with Telekom and T-Systems, tested the dedicated mobile network (the so-called Campus Network) for the first time in 2021 primarily to ensure fast card payments at festivals. Following the successful pilot, card payments requiring an online connection can become faster and more reliable for visitors to three prominent festivals this year: Telekom has built/will build a Campus Network at EFOTT, at the Sziget and Strand festivals in August.

In addition to creating a secure connection between the terminals and the settlement centers, the private network enables the operator to provide a dedicated data connection for online payments even when the public network is heavily loaded - for example with the crowd of a special evening concert using their mobile phones.

The technical solution itself consists of several phases. Telekom's specialists separate about 10% of the capacity dedicated to the Campus Network from the public network in the given area. After that, the secure private network will be created, which will cover the SIM cards dedicated to Festipay. Meanwhile, devices that work with special SIM cards must also be activated in order to connect to this network.

A big advantage of the system designed in this way is that only devices/SIMs specified by the customer can use it for IP data communication, devices registered in other networks cannot use the Campus Network, so they do not burden it with extra traffic.

About Campus Network

Magyar Telekom has been offering its customers a private (non-public) mobile network as a commercial service since last May. The Campus Network (private mobile network) and industry solutions based on it are special services of Magyar Telekom and T-Systems, which are implemented based on the unique needs of business customers. The private mobile network infrastructure is built at the customer's premises according to the customer's needs, which makes a fast and flexible 4G and/or 5G connection available, and ensures its provision according to the unique parameters defined in the service contract - e.g. coverage, capacity, data speed, delay, availability, reliability. Availability and security are greatly increased by the fact that the private mobile network can only be used by the devices specified by the customer, other devices not registered in the network cannot use it. Magyar Telekom's private mobile network and the industrial solution developed for it by T-Systems were first tested at the site of BorgWarner Oroszlány Kft. under real production conditions.