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"We put digitalisation at the service of the development of people, families and businesses, and the protection of the environment" Telekom’s Y2021 sustainability report has been published

Budapest, June 22, 2022 14:00

The main objective of Magyar Telekom’s 5th sustainability strategy (2021-2030), defined in line with climate protection goals, digitalization and diversity as well as the results of the first year are presented in the company's latest Sustainability Report.

Magyar Telekom Group has been focusing on sustainability at a strategic level since 2005, and has developed its activities along the three pillars of environment, society and economy while defining them in 5-year strategic cycles. The last year of the most recent 5-year period was 2020, which, besides challenges, provided an opportunity to rethink the Company’s operation and define its objectives even more precisely then before. "The main goal of our sustainability strategy until 2030, developed in 2021, is to maintain our leading sustainability role both as a company and as an info-communication service provider, knowing that the world faces a huge transformation in which sustainability and digitalization play a key role", said Tibor Rékasi, CEO of Magyar Telekom.

As opposed to previous practice the Group set its long-term objectives until 2030, which are continuously monitored and updated as necessary in line with the relevant trends. The strategy's key thought is that Magyar Telekom Group should be the leading sustainable company in Hungary, putting digitalization at the service of the development of people, families and businesses as well as the protection of the environment.

Strategic priorities
Three main strategic priorities have been identified besides ensuring full-scope sustainability compliance. In the area of Climate Protection the company set a target to reduce its Scope 1-2 emissions by 84% and Scope 3 emissions by 30% until 2030, and plans to generate 50% of its revenue from services serving the goal of climate protection in 2030. Theirdigitalization objectives include ensuring that every household in Hungary has gigabit speed connectivity by 2030 and that they contribute to 6 million persons’ digital maturity through training and digitalization projects. The Company made diversity and equal opportunities commitments to have minimum 40% female leadership by the end of the strategy period and to provide 100% accessible services.

Y2021 results
At the end of 2021 Magyar Telekom Group closed its 7th year as a carbon neutral company and covered 100% of its electricity demand with renewable energy. Compared to the base year in 2015 the total greenhouse gas emission of Magyar Telekom Group decreased by 38% in 2021, where hybrid operation contributed significantly to this result. Last year 650,646 teleworking days were recorded, saving nearly 22 million kms of travel and 115 years of travel time.

Last year Magyar Telekom's digital responsibility programes reached more than 2 million people nationwide. The "Be Part of Generation NOW!" program reached 434,800 people, where 652 secondary school students participated in person and in the preparation of online learning material, and 25,790 retired persons acqired the training material.

Diversity returns the investment in multiple ways: increased innovation potential, increasedresilience to change and better customer satisfaction. Along this idea, they consciously work in the area of socialequal opportunities in all areas of the employee life cycle. In 2021 the gender ratio in top management remained unchanged at 50-50%, while in the total scope of management it was 25,85%.  Thanks to their family friendly policies the percentage of colleagues returning to work after maternity and parental leave increased from 46% to 82% in 4 years. From 2021, in order to support the intimate, undisturbed period of birth in families, in accordance with the agreement made with the Reconciliation Council, Magyar Telekom added 10 days to the mandatory extra leave for fathers thus they now have a total of 15 days (17 days for twins) available. As a member of Deutsche Telekom Group, Magyar Telekom also contributed to the Group's inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) in 2021, and as a sponsor of the Family Friendly Gala, Magyar Telekom launched the Magyar Telekom Family Friendly Mentor Company Award along its family-friendly way of thinking.

The sustainability efforts of Magyar Telekom Group have been recognized by several international responsible investor organizations. The company retained its position as a member of the FTSE4Good index family in 2021, and Magyar Telekom was given a "B" Prime rating in the ISS ESG Responsible Investor Rating where it ranked in the top 7% of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supplier Engagement Rating (SER).

With a long-term strategy that started in 2021 the Group will continue to work to support a more liveable and sustainable tomorrow through its solutions and operation.

For further results, please see the Sustainability Report.