Press Releases

Telekom helps

Budapest, March 3, 2022 11:00

Magyar Telekom is following the events in Ukraine with concern and sympathy. In the current situation the company is trying to help both refugees fleeing to Hungary and those who stay in Ukraine to keep contact with their families. The service provider is continuously monitoring the situation, coordinating with relief organizations and authorities to provide actual support in the current situation.

Network capacity:

In recent days Telekom has been monitoring its entire network infrastructure along the Ukrainian border. Where necessary the company replaced batteries to ensure the continuity of the service in the event of a power outage, and expanded its capacity (e.g. set up a new mobile station) to meet the extra demand. The company also strengthened its mobile network at border crossings and prepared for increased traffic. Free Wi-Fi points were set up for refugees in three locations in Fehérgyarmat and in Mándok.

Magyar Telekom and T-Systems are working together with MÁV to strengthen the free WiFi service at Nyugati and Keleti Railway Stations to facilitate communication and administration for refugees and volunteers, aid organizations working at the stations.

Service discount:

From February 1, 2011 until revoked, Magyar Telekom will fully credit its customers' mobile roaming charges (including basic SMS voice and mobile internet traffic) on its partner networks in Ukraine, and the charges for international calls and SMS messages from Hungary to mobile and fixed networks in Ukraine, without any limit, in order to support its customers' communication with their relatives. 

Donation of mobile phones:

Telekom's Mobildonor program offers 5,000 mobile devices and prepaid cards to those in need. The donation contains 4,100 traditional mobile phones and 900 smart devices, which will be distributed in partnership with the NIOK Foundation to the Hungarian Interchurch Aid.

In the frame of the Mobildonor program the company continues to collect its customers' still working but unused smartphones, which will be sent together with a SIM card to those who need them in the current situation.

Customer Service:

Telekom shops near the Ukrainian border are prepared for the increased traffic. Employees will help using the Telekom app, which will make it much easier to manage administrative tasks. Information leaflets are being prepared in the Ukrainian language to help people to contact their loved ones as soon as possible.


Employees of Magyar Telekom Group will donate their entry fees for the Telekom Vivicittá running race, to be held on March 26-24 this year, to the Hungarian Interchurch Aid to help refugees from Ukraine. Magyar Telekom will add 5 million HUF to the amount of the employee donation.

Helping employees:

The company provides information about the aid organizations that help Ukrainian refugees on its intranet to employees, so that our colleagues can help individually or as a community.

Employees who are affected in some way by the conflict will have access to financial and/or mental health assistance under the company's assistance policy and its "You can count on us" support program.