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The professionals of the future are trained with the support of Magyar Telekom in Székesfehérvár – Device donation for the technical school

Budapest, May 27, 2022 13:00

Magyar Telekom started cooperating with the Széchenyi István Technical School in Székesfehérvár in order to promote the telecommunications profession, to support specialized training and to recruit young specialists for its own workforce. The institutions now receive more than a hundred devices from the telecommunications company for educational purposes.

Today telecommunications mean something completely different than they did a few years ago. Telecommunications and digitalisation are the key to the future, without which it would be inconceivable to talk about self-driving cars, robotics, data-driven manufacturing or e-health. The training of telecommunication professionals will also be in focus, because we can only walk this path with them. There is a lot of talk about IT education and the shortage of IT professionals in the labor markets worldwide, but it is rare to hear that the telecommunications profession is undergoing a generational change and there is a great need for new professionals to develop and operate telecommunications infrastructures in the future. The fact that there are few secondary education institutions in Hungary does not alleviate the situation.


Aware of all this Magyar Telekom has decided to start cooperating with the Széchenyi István Technical School in Székesfehérvár. As part of the signed cooperation agreement, Magyar Telekom assists the institution in the promotion of the telecommunications professions, actively participates in the professional events of the school, and the company's representatives give lectures and have professional discussions for the purpose of transferring knowledge to students. The company also has a key role to play in keeping educational materials up-to-date, helping teachers and students to immediately benefit from their knowledge. Within the framework of the partnership, students can also take an active part in the daily tasks of Magyar Telekom's technology services area as student employees.


Magyar Telekom today announced at Széchenyi István Technical School’s 2nd Dual Roadshow and Job Fair that it will donate more than a hundred devices (optical devices, servers and network devices) to the institution for educational purposes, so that students can learn about their structure, components and their assembly.


“The collaboration. initiated with the three technical schools, will create a direct transition between the world of education and the world of work, helping students who consider it important to enter the labor market equipped with up-to-date, competitive knowledge. Our goal is to make telecommunications professions more attractive to young people and to educate telecommunications professionals of the future in the region, partly with the intention of ensuring the supply of professionals at Telekom as well” said Lubor Zatko, Magyar Telekom’s Chief Technology and IT Officer.