Esport CUP, powered by Telekom, expanded into an international competition

Budapest, November 30, 2022 14:30

Following last year's very successful domestic event, this year the best players of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary competed against each other at the Esport CUP powered by Telekom. Gamers battled in League of Legends and Wild Rift, which was streamed live and could also be followed on site.

Players could prove their skills not only at national level, but also internationally for the first time this year, as besides Hungarian top talents, outstanding players from the Czech Republic and Slovakia also joined the game - virtually, but fighting real battles. Each country was represented by eight teams in the game on November 26. The local championships started in the morning,  then the top two finishers from each country competed for a place in the international final. The cup final, the highlight of the day, took place late in the evening, starting at 09:00 p.m., in line with the sport's tradition. At each location ten players could play simultaneously on 5G-enabled mobile phones and forty simultaneously on fixed line internet equipped desktops. The competition was a live event, keeping the atmosphere and tension high throughout all the game. In addition to LoL, Wild Rift could be used on a 5G network with an amazingly low latency of 8 ms and an estimated maximum speed of 1.1 Gbps. The visitors of the tournament could also enter the virtual VR arena, and in the FIFA corner they could show their skills on Sony PS5 consoles.

The PC Cup was a semi-online, semi-LAN event, therefore we had to meet specific technological requirements, which also gave us the opportunity to test our network and systems and improve our services based on the results. The game was a good opportunity for players to play LoL on the most powerful gamer PCs on a network with 8.6 Gbps download and upload speed in two teams and on Magyar Telekom's domestic network with a latency of almost 4-5 ms.

The Hungarian championship was won by the team called "This and That” ( „Ez meg az”), who stood on the top of the podium not only nationally, but also internationally. The professional championship, organized in cooperation with Esport1 Kft., offered valuable prizes to the winners, provided by Magyar Telekom and the sponsors: Samsung Electronics Magyar Zrt. and Huawei Technologies Hungary Kft. The Hungarian champion team was given a Samsung Galaxy A53 5G-enabled mobile phone offered by Samsung and Magyar Telekom, a Huawei Watch 3 Pro E-Sim smartwatch from Huawei, and for the international winner Magyar Telekom offered an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset to all team members, the event was also sponsored by Ericsson Magyarország Kft.

Telekom, as a supporter of Hungarian eSports and as the organizer of the eSport CUP, would like to connect with Hungarian gamers and strengthen the Hungarian gamer communities with the event. Online gaming requires real-time data connection at high resolutions, so we work to provide the best possible experience for our customers, whether they are playing for fun or in serious championships, by way of ensuring a fast and stable network. "We are delighted to provide the opportunity to compare skills and provide the basic infrastructure for the competition this year again, and the Telekom Gigabit Network has proven itself in an international environment. We are particularly proud that the participants could compete in the best possible technical conditions and that we can maintain the high quality of the network outside Hungary," said Lubor Zatko, Telekom's Chief Technology and IT Officer.

The opportunity to compete is still open: nominations are now open for the December 11 Telekom Cyber Cup where those who have already been enchanted by the world of esports can compete for valuable prizes.

A summary video of the event is available on Telekom's Youtube channel .