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Speaking from the air, but not into the air - Telekom advised small businesses on digital progress at a special place

Budapest, October 25, 2022 15:00

Telekom's digital experts, in cooperation with the online marketing expert Gábor Wolf and two selected small business owners, cooperated in the frame of a special activity: the physical place of giving advice - leaving the ground - was elevated into the air today. The symbolic activity aims to raise awareness on the need to look at the opportunities for businesses to move forward digitally from a new perspective.



Telekom has been committed for years to help as many small domestic businesses as possible to promote their digital progress. The service provider points out that sometimes it is worth stepping out of the usual framework and look at your business from a new perspective.  The special magenta container, which was lifted into the air at Erzsébet Square in Budapest, served as an advice giving point and a place for an expert talk. Gábor Wolf and Péter Kollár, Telekom’s expert, helped the two small businesses, selected from the applicant pool, with ideas and useful advice. In addition to consulting, a discussion was organized at the unusual place where Gábor Wolf and Telekom's expert discussed the most important issues that businesses are facing these days and tried to provide practical answers to these challenges.  The relevant questions were submitted in advance by the businesses through the “Telekom Hello Biznisz” social media channels.



By way of organizing the activity, which included customized advice and expert discussion at a special place, the company took further the idea of the "Make it big!" transformation show, launched this summer, by now transforming the perspective upon the actual digital transformation. This will provide actual support to more businesses, highlighting how they can move forward and operate more efficiently by using digital solutions and tools. This is a key topic in the current environment, because these challenging times have proved that readiness, forward thinking and bold development do not only help to grow, but also to stand firm in the market in any situation.

"Small businesses symbolically looked at their business from a new perspective, because while working hard every day it is hard to see our own situation and even the opportunities offered by digital solutions. It is worth broadening our horizon to see how we can move forward and what should be changed in order to be able to stand our ground in any situation" - said Mária Nyiri, Head of Communications of Telekom's SME segment.



The activity is the next step in the process that Telekom has been following for years to digitize the SME sector. On its Hello Biznisz platform, launched in May 2017, the company continuously helps businesses by presenting best practices, solutions, advice and education, be it business development knowledge, ideas to promote data security and efficient time management, or even an effective marketing tip. This is also supported by digital solutions and services designed specifically for SMEs to give them actual and tangible help, like D - or digitalization - plans based on existing and operating examples.

The entire expert discussion will be made accessible through the Home Business Podcast, and based on it short social media content will be prepared on the issues that count most to small businesses, which can help other businesses to become more future-proof.