Telekom Spots launched: a fresh, streamlined, up-to-date program recommendation site from Telekom

Budapest, February 9, 2023 12:00

The goal of Telekom Spots is to act as a compass to help navigate the sea of programs.

In recent years, Telekom has worked on several projects to assume responsibility in socially important areas such as contemporary culture, embracing young talents, and is also looking for the value-creating intersection of digitalization and art.And in 2023, they will turn the tailwind even higher: they will launch the Telekom Spots program recommendation site together with Telekom Electronic Beats, which can finally serve as a compass for finding the most exciting programs and experiences - initially with a focus on Budapest, and later it is expected to open to the best countryside programs as well.

They do this for a reason: in the huge Internet noise, it is easy to miss relevant programs that interest us, and authentic program recommendations are rarely found - so there is a gap that is worth filling. In addition, the site allows you to browse on a super clean, transparent interface, by recommending related events, by incorporating various filters, so that you don't accidentally miss something that matches your taste.

In addition to music, the focus of Telekom Spots includes theater, dance, exhibitions, gastronomic and fashion-related events, fairs, presentations, workshops, and everything at their intersections. The interface will also feature well-known curators from the creative capital city environment, from whom special recommendations will be received, and users can also generate events, which can be published on the page through editorial evaluation - so that the end result is a diverse recommendation system operating on a colorful palette of tastes, using which it will be a pleasure to flatten our current weekly FOMO curve.

"At Telekom, we are aware that our social media bubble sometimes traps us too much, also in a cultural sense. That's why we thought of making it possible to jump over these walls, to create an independent site, where we can not only choose from programs that suit our own taste, but where full-fledged discovery is also possible." - said Béla Szabó, Telekom's brand and residential communications director, in connection with the launch.

Content producer Hédi Szabó, one of the curators of Telekom Spots, added: "I like to bring cultural and specifically art-related programs closer to people, especially young people. I'm glad that Telekom Spots now summarizes these as well and helps you navigate through the many events, and that I can also upload my personal favorites to the site. I hope we will discover the coolest cultural programs together!"

"Nowadays, it is very difficult to find those programs, parties, concerts that you simply have to be there, because they are unmissable. A wave of events is coming at us, but which one should we choose? Finally, a site that brings them together and can be a compass for days and nights." - added Márton Miskovits, presenter and curator of Telekom Spots.

Rapper Lil Frakk added: ""Night life has gone through a huge rehab, in which everyone can now find a place where they can stir things up in the evening. That’s how Telekom Spots caters for us and offers endless possibilities for some stomping in the evening."

Telekom Spots is therefore a compass for days and nights so that everyone can find the right programs for themselves. Available from February 9 on .