An era has come to an end: in 2023, Telekom's phone book will no longer be available

Budapest, January 17, 2023 08:30

According to the National Media And Infocommunications Authority’s analysis published in October 2021, since 2022 it is not mandatory for telecommunication companies to publish a book or any other data medium on subscriber datas. This eliminates the printed phone book. The copies printed for Magyar Telekom last year were the last one of which was offered to the company by the Posta Museum.

Based on NMHH's market research, nearly 60,000 phone books were printed in 2017, but in 2020, less than 17,000, and the number of contact lists received by consumers fell by half. The number of phone books distributed on electronic data carriers (CDs) fell even more sharply, from 31,000 to only 2,500, which means a 92 percent drop.

After the phone book

Magyar Telekom's most important goal is to help connect people, so that digitalization allows us to be there for each other even when we are not physically together. This statement, which is the last chapter in the history of the printed telephone book for the past 140 years, was closed in 2022. The change was already noticeable within the sector, because in recent decades, with the spread of digitization, the printed and CD-stored phone book was supplemented with online databases. In addition to these, in the future the universal line (at number 11800) will continue to be available to the public, and from Magyar Telekom network will be available at 11818.