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You can double the number of followers with a single post! The Kraft Agency, Telekom's groundbreaking creative team, is one year old

Budapest, June 13, 2023 13:30

How can you successfully twist traditional content production methods all around and train your own influencers? How do you double the number of followers with a bold idea and a single post? In the spring of 2022, Telekom went against the usual trends: they launched their creator program and the Kraft Agency team. What do you need to know about them? We'll show you!

So we have a young person who is creative, has a flair and a desire for content production, and knows TikTok well. A party animal, who goes to festivals, hunts for experiences and shares them with others. And would like to call all this work. What can this youngster do? For example, apply to join the Kraft Agency team! A year ago, content production gained new momentum on Telekom's social platforms, thanks to their own creative "agency" made up of young people. Who makes up this creative company, what exactly do they work on and how can you join them? We'll explain everything!

Young people in motion

Last spring, Telekom had a bold idea! Going against the routine, they turned traditional content production methods upside down, and embarked on the Kraft Agency project. With this, through a new activity, they brought to life the commitment that they began to represent with Telekom Kraft, the brand's platform for young people launched in 2020. This means that, they put young people in position and supported them in different ways. In this case, with tools, knowledge development and opportunities, in order to boost their knowledge and ambitions.

"I saw this opportunity on social media, for which I finally sent my introduction video on the last day, but fortunately I was selected. We were first able to participate in a summer campaign, and since then we have been continuously creating video content for Telekom's social media platforms," said Kristóf Papp, one of the five telecom creators, about the beginnings.



Everyone their own influencer ?

This bold plot twist lived up to the expectations: the participants in the program became members of Telekom's brand communication team and professional workshop. The telecommunications company was already a pioneer in many things, this time they reformed the traditional content production processes known in social media, because they created a new type of model. Many people think that real value creation and creativity are less and less visible in the Hungarian influencer culture, and in many cases the contents do not authentically represent the given brand. Telekom's own influencers, the creators, on the other hand, achieve amazing results with their quality, unique content.

One post, twice as many followers

How did they start? After the training and mentoring, the young creators could test their skills in live situations and challenges. They followed through all campaigns, independently produced content for all major social channels. Among others, took part at Billie Eilish's concert in Bonn, attended the biggest festivals, contributed to the communication of other large-scale projects and campaigns. The young creators brought new momentum to Telekom's content production. They bring their fresh and unexpected ideas to life with just an iPhone, including scripting, shooting, editing, finalization and publishing. This new momentum can also be measured in numbers on social media platforms, for example, they doubled the number of followers on the brand 's TikTok channel with a single piece of content during last year's Telekom VOLT Festival. With this, they reformed the traditional influencer strategy typical of most Hungarian brands, by building their own influencers.

"We have to be able to do a little bit of everything. From the first processes of content production, from script writing to post-production. We usually divide the tasks between us, so it’s a smooth working process. Since no two projects are the same, it is important to adapt and be aware of current trends.” said Bence Balázs, another creator.

And his colleague, Laura Futó, talked about how she had already appeared in videos before joining the Kraft Agency, but had never been on the other side of the camera, nor had she any insight into the post-production work.

"And since then, I've been proud that I've learned so much over the past year that I can even work as a one-man crew. After all, I participate in each process of content production, from writing scripts to editing videos"  she added.

It's no secret: TikTok!

For Telekom, these experiences also clearly support the fact that up-and-coming, ambitious content producers must be given space, and that content creators can achieve spectacular results. The expansion of TikTok and the 9:16 vertical "content war" prove that young people are not only content consumers, but also create really high-quality materials for social platforms. Talented creators aim to become professional videographers, to belong to a community, and they want their passion to become their profession. Telekom also recognized and embraced this.


In a double role

"With the Kraft Agency, we put young people in position, as we want to strengthen and capitalize on their creative attitude in the program, we provide the appropriate tools, knowledge and professional support for this. The role of content creators is twofold, they participate in strategy development and content production at the same time. We involve them in joint thinking, they bring insights based on research, thus shaping the professional workshop. They also participate in the implementation of our campaigns, their creativity and freshness bring new momentum and direction to our content. And most importantly, we create real content together, which can mean promising career paths for them," said Béla Szabó, Telekom's director of brand and public communications.

The team is looking for new members, you can join them at any time. More details about Telekom Kraft's initiative are available on this page.

A summary video of the year's work is available here.