If there is Kraft in you: Telekom supports young people with creative space in Debrecen

Budapest, March 14, 2023 13:00

The KratLab in Debrecen served as a real creative community place for young people in the past one and a half year. The latest IT solutions, audiovisual technologies, workshops and concerts are all welcome in the new building, which was expanded with Music Lab, a modern studio that inspires composition and songwriting.

Music Lab, Debrecen's brand new music studio, opened its gates on March 11. The inspiring environment for talented young people and  upcoming musicians, KraftLab, was launched almost one and a half year ago, and is now a place for experiment and creativity.

"Kraft is a commitment from Telekom to support young people by creating opportunities where they can do great things together, with their friends or with us. KraftLab, and from now on Music Lab, is one of the best examples of this idea ," said Béla Szabó, Telekom's Brand Communications Director.

KraftLab is a creative workshop where anyone can realize innovative ideas if only the space, peers or tools are missing. In the Podcast Lab there is excellent audio equipment, the Studio Lab offers audiovisual technology, the newly opened Music Lab provides studio equipment and the community space offers a place to organize workshops.

Since its opening KraftLab has been home for video artist startups and podcasters, but it also welcomed several performances and competitions as well. One of the greatest events of the past one and a half year was the KryptoKraft series on cryptocurrencies, and Ideafest, a brainstorming event for secondary school students. Visitors could also participate a mini music festival with three upcoming indie musicians performing at the KraftLab as part of the Sofar Sounds Debrecen program.

The importance of supporting young musicians for Telekom is also demonstrated by the launch of the Szelektor program with Telekom Electronic Beats. Telekom has a good sense of finding the real Kraft in talents. One of the participants of the Szelektor program was the singer, producer Böbe, who wrote a song with Lóci Csorba, the “Lóci játszik” band’s singer, called Kraft, which is a song about “the Kraft” in you. Telekom is committed to support young talents, like Böbe’s professional development in many ways in recent years.

Every beginner producer's dream is to have a creative space with the right tools to create art . That's why I think it's a great idea from Telekom to offer a place like this for musicians to develop transform their ideas into reality " said Böbe, who hosted the opening ceremony of the Music Lab.

The establishment of the Music Lab is an important Telekom initiative to help young talents. The well-equipped studio expands the possibilities of both  KraftLab and young talents. The new place is equipped with professional tools, among others a music mixer, analogue synthesizer and a foot drum. The creators of the Music Lab will organize exciting programs and workshops in the future that are all related to music, composition and orchestration. The tools are free to use, one only needs to book the time - thus there's no limit to the talents.

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