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Telco company in the second hand device market - refurbished devices from Telekom

Budapest, October 2, 2023 11:00

From the 2 nd of October A+ premium quality refurbished devices will be available at Telekom. With this initiative the company would like to support access to the wonders of the digital world for an even wider scope of users.

Magyar Telekom is the largest mobile phone and tablet seller in the Hungarian online retail market for the 5th year in a row - GKID eTOPLIST 1 – now adding a new product category to its portfolio: refurbished devices will be available in its webstore from the 2 nd of October.

The company recognised that when someone buys second hand devices, the buyer may have facing of uncertainty, as it is difficult to precisely see the actual condition of the device. Even more, in most cases one buys from a stranger, so the reliability of the seller is also in question.

That is why the telco operator finds it important to have a well known and long established player supporting their customers. The used devices available at Telekom are subject to 56 technical tests at the refurbishment supplier, depending on the model, then faulty parts are replaced, data are erased and they also perform software updates and disinfection.

Only phones with an A+ premium rating are available, which ensures that they are in near new condition, with only minimal aesthetic problems, having a minimum 85% battery capacity with charger and charging cable. It is not only the devices that offer a new experience, but also the shopping process, as the used items are available in Telekom's webstore, just like new ones.

"By providing refurbished devices we believe that we will provide all tools that our customers may need to take advantage of the digital world, customized to their needs and actual situation, from a single place. Besides being available at a lower price, customers who choose these items, can not only increase the lifetime of their device, but also reduce the amount of electronic waste ," said Zoltán Pereszlényi, Telekom’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Refurbished devices purchased from Telekom come with a 1 year warranty after purchase.

The initial refurbished product portfolio and further details are available on

1) eTOPLISTA methodology: For the 8th consecutive year GKID releases the ranking of top seller e-retailers. In the eTOPLIST the research company only takes into account the turnover and online retail sales of Hungarian language e-retailers operating in Hungary and selling for HUF. The shares are based on the turnover from online sales for the calendar year 2022. The ranking is determined by GKID based on research on online shopper samples, public data research, supplier side surveys, retailer data supply and turnover modelling. Where the online turnover was not transparent or publicly available the public ranking was conditional on the written validation of the turnover estimated by GKID, upon consent to releasing the name of the retailer. The eTOPLISTA only provides ranking, the individual turnover data of the retailers are not published by GKID.