ADSL Test Server

To speed up fault location tasks connected with its ADSL service Magyar Telekom created a so-called Test Server environment in its network.This Server – that is operating independently of the internet service providers – can be used by the customers to test from their computers the functioning of the Magyar Telekom link of the ADSL connection.If the Server cannot be accessed the fault is located in Magyar Telekom’s network, if the Server can be accessed Magyar Telekom’s service is functioning appropriately.Additionally an application installed on the Server enables testing the ADSL access.

Accessibility to the Test Server

The Test Server can be accessed exclusively with an already operational ADSL access. 

To access the Server an ADSL connection must be established with a conventional dial-up module with the following IDs: 

User name: adsl@test
Password: test 

After successful log-in the end-user can test the ADSL access rate in the following way: 

The application can be opened with an internet browser by entering the IP address of the application in the address field.

Application address:,
IP address:

Test process:

  • Click on the homepage in the menu on the Test button to load the Test application site.
  • You can regulate the test measurement accuracy by adjusting the file size.(larger file size = higher measurement accuracy)
  • Click on the Start Test button to start testing the download rate by downloading a file with a selected size.
  • After completion of the downloading click on the Upload rate testing button to start the second part of the test.
  • After completion of the test the test results will be shown in a table.


  • wait for the completion of downloading, don’t interrupt the test.
  • remember the ID given in the test, later you can use it to refer to the test.

ADSL package rates:

The following table shows Magyar Telekom’s ADSL service rates (download and upload, minimum and maximum rates):

Package rates
ADSL U1 U2 U4 U8 U18
Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
Up 64 128 64 192 96 256 192 512 320 1024
Down 160 1280 192 2560 256 4480 480 8096 960 18432

Minimum rate means the bandwidth that is always available in Magyar Telekom’s network, maximum rate means the maximum bandwidth that can be available in the given package.The current rates achievable on ADSL accesses depend on the technical parameters of the given line and the current traffic relations in the data network. 

If your ADSL access does not achieve the minimum rate set forth in your contract call the fault report number shown in your ADSL contract. 

Attention: if use the Test Server application with an ADSL connection set up through your internet access (via the internet) rather than with the test access the measured rate will depend on the current load on the internet, so it will not show the quality of the access provided by Magyar Telekom.