Magyar Telekom Reference Unbundling Offer (MARUO) - effective as of 01.12.2019

Magyar Telekom has been designated as an operator having significant market power in the markets 3(a)/2014 („Wholesale local access provided at a fixed location”) and 3(b)/2014 („Wholesale central access provided at a fixed location for mass-market products”). In accordance with the market resolutions No PC/17915-66/2017 and PC/17920-66/2017 of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary, Magyar Telekom prepared and published its reference unbundling offer („MARUO”) which entered into force on 01.12.2019. The MARUO sets out the legal, technological and financial terms under which an alternative operator may receive a wide range of wholesale access services (e.g. local loop unbundling, local and regional bitstream access, L2 WAP etc.) via fiber, HFC and copper technology in order to provide mass market services to residential and non-residential customers. Please note, that the market resolutions, the MARUO and the templates of the network sharing agreements are only available in Hungarian.