Current ADSL developments

Since the introduction of ADSL Magyar Telekom gives high priority to enable the widest possible range of customers to use broadband internet service. With the developments completed so far ADSL service is accessible in more than 1,200 towns, which means that almost 90% of the households in Magyar Telekom’s service area can use ADSL service.In 2008 we plan to create the technical conditions of broadband internet access in 22 towns. Information about the towns included in our geographical roll-our plan is available at Planned sites. The list of towns with newly created ADSL access capability is published at, Developments completed shows all towns were ADSL capability has been created.Please note that the list of towns involved in development is only for information, sites and related schedules may change. 

This year Magyar Telekom started the construction of a completely new high bandwidth network with the up-to-date VDSL technology. In Areas covered with VDSL technology products with much higher bandwidth can be used for data transmission and internet access services. 

Magyar Telekom offers wholesale ADSL service to contracted internet service providers who can resell this service to their customers. Please note that Magyar Telekom does not give priority to any internet service provider and does not guarantee the content of their services.