Magyar Telekom s Multiflex service

General description of Multiflex Service:

The Service Provider’s Multiflex service can transfer the Partner Provider’s traffic at Ethernet (L2) level with point-point (P-P) or point-multipoint (P-MP) structure.

The service includes provision of layer 2 virtual private network service (L2VPN) or EoMPLS connection to the Partner Provider. The service is implemented on the Service Provider’s Ethernet aggregation and MPLS backbone network. The subscriber’s local networks can connect to the layer2 Ethernet service access points with layer 3 CPE (router, PC).

Use of the Multiflex Service:

The MultiFlex service offers a unified solution for satisfaction of your complex telecommunications needs. With the use of MultiFlex all your internal communications can be carried via a single corporate network. The service, that is a technology-independent data transmission product, explicitly interconnects local networks (LANs) with point-point or multipoint-multipoint connections.

Multiflex Service features:

The service provider offers proactive fault repair for the subscriber links.
The service includes optionally two separate QoS traffic classes that can be used for extra charge.Interfaces: The service can be used with the service provider network terminal equipment’s (CPE) 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-LX, 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-TX interfaces.

The Multiflex service offers the following subscriber access bandwidths; the type of access depends on available technical possibilities:

  • 256 kbps
  • 512kbps
  • 1 Mbps – 1 Gbps
Service quality parameters (SLA)
Service levels Guaranteed availability [%]
Multiflex service annual availability 99.5 (for premium service: 99.75%)