Magyar Telekom Video Signal IP Multicast Transmission Service

General description and use of Video Signal IP Multicast Transmission Service

The Service provides to Cable Television Service Providers to forward compressed, digital, multiplexed TV signal packages produced in the cable television headend to the Cable Television Service Provider’s remote network(s) on Magyar Telekom’s national IP network.

By using the Service, the Cable Television Service Provider (CATV Partner) can:

  • provide its digital (DVB-C) customer service on a non-contiguous network by using a single headend and
  • rationalize its network by replacement of the digital headends.

Features of the IP Multicast Service

  • Service transfer point at the headends and at the central access point of the remote CATV network: Ethernet
  • Typical bandwidth: 50 Mbps/stream
  • Back-up:
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Low fluctuations of delay
  • Providing customer service in person through a dedicated account manager