Climate Campaign, team competition

The aim of the Climate Campaign launched in early October is to motivate people to act. We have had enough of finger-pointing. We all have to realize that the time has come for everybody to do something. If nothing else, then to think about it, to collect the reasons and possible solutions; everybody can do something somewhere against climate change. The Climate Campaign is a real team activity; through the regularly updated activities we try to collect ideas, draw attention and motivate each other for collective action to make everybody aware of their own responsibility and the need to change their attitude.


The rules of the game are quite simple: nothing is compulsory but anything is possible! Teams having registered themselves participate in as many tasks as they want, and they can also send the descriptions of new tasks they have invented. The applications received are assessed and tasks are set with the involvement of an expert team composed, apart from program experts, of recognized representatives of the civil sphere (WWF, Greenpeace, Association of Conscious Consumers, National Society of Conservationalists, Waste Working Group). In addition to rewards, the best applications have the chance to be presented to the public, as the main aim is for as many people as possible to learn about them.  

The Climate Campaign is underway at the website, where applications sent in by participating teams can also be seen. The best papers sent in can be seen in real life on November 21, 2008 at the MillenárisPark. A detailed description of the top four tasks of the Climate Campaign can be read on the website and it is also here that prospective participants can register themselves for participation in the Climate Campaign. Deadline for submission: November 14, 2008