DOLPHIN Award 2008

delfinPrizes were delivered in five categories at Magyar Telekom’s Suppliers’ Conference to Suppliers that stand out in the area of sustainability. 

Category:  The Most Sustainable Company. The Prize goes to Jánosik and Partners Ltd. Their competition paper demonstrates that they are our suppliers who possess the most sustainable company culture. Their firm is capable to reach an ever increasing level of consciousness and quality while delivering services with a large number of employees in a large service area and, ensuring, at the same time, a balance of the three pillars of sustainability.

Category: Implementation of Equally Creative and Sustainable Ideas and Projects.
The Prize goes to Triad Computer Technology and Services Ltd. Through their development of the distant invoicing service millions of paper based invoice letters and balance statements can be replaced. Due to this paper saving technology huge forest areas can be protected for the future generation. And, due to the decreasing need to travel to post offices customers may save time and, at the same time, carbon dioxide emission can be prevented. Their competition paper suggests that the firm did not initially think in terms of environmental protection when launching their development, however, it recognised in the process the bearing of efficiency improvement on environmental protection.

Category: Sustainable Innovation . The Prize goes to CoreComm SI Ltd. The FLYWHEEL system mentioned in their competition paper is an uninterruptible power supply equipment providing power during electricity cuts using stored kinetic energy, instead o f an accumulator. Thus the environmental burdens generating through the use of accumulators can be avoided.

Category: Promotion Within and Outside the Company of Equal Chances and Freedom from Discrimination . The Prize goes to INFODOK Ltd. in its competition paper demonstrated its commitment, which can be detected also in the outcome of the survey carried out by Hewitt Human Consulting Ltd. in the areas of „Compensation and Benefits” and the „Best Place of Work”, which indicates an achievements far exceeding the national average.

Category: Environmental Investment and Development for Climatic Protection . The Prize goes to: Thermo Ltd. Thermo Ltd. is engaged in the design and installation of heating systems run by renewable energy sources, like the heat-pump systems introduced in detail in their competition paper. The system the firm has designed uses heat generating in the switching rooms at Magyar Telekom’s two sites for heating water, thus we can achieve a considerable saving in our energy consumption. Their concept is: „Nature stores it and we use it.”

A special Prize has been awarded to Inter-Metalex Ltd. – for raising the alertness to environmental protection and training. As their competition paper reveals, the firm engaged in waste treatment has realised that it is primarily through awakening people’s consciousness that waste generation can be best avoided in the first place. Prompted by this realisation they launched a country-wide training program for elementary and secondary school pupils.

You can find the award-winning projects’ descriptions in the hungarian site