DOLPHIN Award 2010

Award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation recognizing Magyar Telekom’s most sustainable suppliers

The award ceremony of the year-2010 Dolphin Awards was held as part of Magyar Telekom’s 11 th Sustainability Roundtable .

Categories and winners

Two winners were announced in the category titled “innovation realized in the interest of sustainability (positive impact on social and environmental effects)”:

Eventus Solution by Fornax Technical and Financial Consulting. The solution consists of a labor force and workflow control system, as well as a map-based fleet monitoring module, which makes it possible that, after residential customers report technical faults to the customer service office, the available technical colleague with the relevant expertise is dispatched upon calculation of the optimal route.

Ecopol development by Szigma-X Design and Consulting . The Ecopol project implements a 30-meter-tall mobile phone base station the shape of which was inspired by a Brazilian giant tree and its plank roots. While developing it, designers were led by the underlying consideration that wood be used as a component and that the tower’s geometry be designed in a way that it fit aesthetically into the natural environment. Due to the strict environmental protection rules in Hungary, these are major challenges. The presented solution is more economical compared to previous ones.

Category of “Supporting equal opportunity and anti-discrimination within and outside of the company”:

Solutions supporting internal and external equal opportunity by AAM Management IT Consulting. 40 per cent of the company's employees are women, and AAM commit their best efforts to achieve that motherhood should not be in conflict with career, as the firm offers the possibility of telework as well as part-time work.Last year, the company won the title of "Bicycle Friendly Workplace". The fact that this is the second year that AAM organizes an extra contest in the framework of the “Cycle to Work movement!” especially for consultants also shows how important bicycling is for the company. The firm’s donations support the treatment of those suffering from locomotor diseases, the integration of people with a changed ability to work in the world of labor and the society, the integration of Roma youth into academic education and the development of disadvantaged regions.

In the category "Sustainability education and awareness raising":

The education and awareness increasing efforts made by Alternate Consulting.
The two-member micro company applies process consulting, mentoring, coaching, as well as training and development to bring about the capacity required for change within companies and organizations. One of their key lines of business is the CSRAcademy, in the framework of which they offer discount or pro bono training to small businesses, NGOs and state educational institutions. They use various types of knowledge sharing tools along a set of communication channels (e.g. home page, lecture, hot-line, blog, personal consulting).

Unfortunately, in the category of “Investment projects or developments aimed at climate protection”, we were unable to announce a winner in lack of proper projects submitted.

Members of the jury:

  • György Pataki – CorvinusUniversity, Budapest, Docent
  • Ernő Simon – Figyelő, Editor in Chief
  • Péter Bodó – Association of Conscious Consumers
  • Magyar Telekom’s expert team


Presentations regarding the award-winning projects are available in the hungarian site . The documents of the contest can be found under the related documents..