Sustainability Day 3 - 25 September, 2010

The third Sustainability Days doubled last year's turn-up rate. Almost 1200 people registered for the day's events that were designed to encourage responsible behavior and to lead a sustainable lifestyle. The professional presentations highlighted the importance of harmonizing social, economic and environment protection interests as well as their practical applicability.

The organizers paid particular attention to promote green lifestyle, carless transportation and to reduce carbon dioxide emission. Lunch was served on compostable plates and bio juices were offered in "re:cups". Garbage was collected selectively. Bikers could leave their bikes at bicycle racks that were built for the event. The professional programs were web broadcasted to virtually eliminate distances. The event was promoted with online advertisements and participants could register online. The organizers, with the involvement of a fund, will spend the sum collected from the afterparty entrance fees to plant trees.

In the "Millenáris Teátrum", where the events were held, Prof. Gunter Pauli, physicist, author of "The Blue Economy" on sustainable innovation - urged participants in his keynote presentation to change their way of thinking and to step by step make their economic environment better with the use of currently available assets.

The host of the day, Péter Novák, initiated professional discussions with acknowledged experts on equal opportunities, conscientious consumption and climate change. In relation to the latter topic an imaginary weather forecast was presented from 2050 on Magyar Telekom Group's OzoneNetwork TV channel that featured Hungary as a desertified land and the Netherlands as a flooded, underwater area. One of the contributors of the discussion was dr. István Láng, academic professor, who told that the issue of sustainable growth has to be taken seriously because the human population has grown so much that the current quantity of resources will not be able to sustain future generations.

The leading Hungarian telecommunication company launched its sustainability campaign this October under the name of Hello Tomorrow. As one of the first elements of the campaign an essay contest was announced at the Sustainability Day under the patronage of the Hungarian Parliament's Future Generations Commissioner and the sponsorship of Magyar Telekom. Applicants are to focus on what we can do to avoid to dangerously change the climate.

After the professional programs the Sustainability Day 3 awards were presented within the frame of an afterparty. The winners of the respective categories were as follows:

  • Music - Tai Chi Teachers - Kiskosz
  • Film - Csilla Zsély - Fairplay
  • Creative - Yusuf Bayrak: Zero Oxigén, Gergő Székely: Future
  • People's Choice Award: Miklós Halápi: employee balance

The winning applications and further details on Sustainability Day 3 are available at

After the award ceremony the event continued with concerts.

The performers, among others, were Besh-o-droM, Balkan Fanatik, Ági Szalóki's Kishúg orchestra and Rhythm& Sex.

We designed a brochure about SD3 with details, photos and participants which is available in the related document box.