Magyar Telekom Digital Bridge Fest at Mezőcsát region

The third Digital Bridge Fest has taken place in the framework of the Jövő/Menő program at two settlements of the Mezőcsát region, Tiszabábolna and Tiszakeszi.

Almost all the programs attracted audiences that filled the locations’ capacity. The Tiszabábolna talent contest included some performances you cannot see every day: women’s choir in full folk costumes, instrumentalists, as well as small kids who recited tales and poems showed up. However, a drama play was the most surprising performance delivered by pupils. In the meantime, the keyboards were exposed to some heavy usage as part of the DigitalBridge internet contest. Elderly ladies and small kids competed against each other with the help of the Telekom volunteers.

On the second day, we visited Tiszakeszi. This village of a few thousand inhabitants is considered to be one of the multiply disadvantaged settlements. The event was also joined by T-Mobile’s bike repair shop, members of which worked on the villagers’ bikes all day. In one case, they replaced a complete wheel hub. A lot of people competed against each other here, too, in the framework of the talent contest. Dance groups, authentic music bands and a nice old man singing sad folk songs entertained the audience. By the end of the day, there have been 21 performances.

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