Magyar Telekom Digital Bridge Fest at Mezőcsát region

December 04, 2010 - Mezőcsát, Ároktő

On Saturday, December 04, 2010, the Digital Bridge team accompanied by Péter Novák and Kultúrpart visited another disadvantaged region in the framework of Jövő/Menő program to demonstrate how the internet can help us to solve our everyday problems and to search for local talent.

In the context of Digital Bridge, Magyar Telekom now wanted to also provide some tangible help to eliminate the digital divide that exists in the region, thus, CTO, István Maradi handed over 20 PC’s and related peripheries to the Mezőcsát Region Community Workers’ Association at Mezőcsát and 10 of the same to the “Ároktő’s Renewal” Foundation at Ároktő. The donated equipment was very welcome at both locations and will be used at local schools.

The performers of the talent contest organized at the two settlements included dance groups, pensioners’ clubs and encompassed categories of drawings, poems, songs, music bands, ping-pong and even soccer. The volunteers even organized contests using the internet to thus demonstrate the opportunities offered by technology.

Video footage of the event are available among the linked content.