Magyar Telekom Digital Bridge Fest at Nyírség

November 05-06, 2010 - Eperjeske, Mezőladány, Nyírbéltek, Piricse, Nyírvasvári

Eighteen volunteers of Magyar Telekom visited Eperjeske, Mezőladány, Nyírbéltek, Piricse and Nyírvasvári on November 5-6, 2010. At these five settlements they continued to apply the method of first getting acquainted with the people who showed interest in the event, talking to them about their everyday lives and then on the basis of these discussion drawing conclusions as to what the individual in question could use the internet for. Afterwards the volunteer demonstrated all the things available on the internet related to the topics raised.

The other program of the Digital Bridge Fest ran independent at each five settlements. The popular artist and media personality, Péter Novák and the Kultúrpart team visited the settlements one by one, where they evaluated the performances of the local talent. A lot of people showed up to perform on stage. The performances are accessible among the linked materials. The best performers are offered the opportunity to perform at the events organized by Péter Novák’s group and Magyar Telekom.