Encompass 2.0 - More and smarter

With the presentation of Barabási Albert-László, the highly reputed network researcher on January 15 the most successful enterprise of Hungarian scientific public education was re-launched again under the name of ME 2.0 ( Mindentudás Egyeteme 2.0 – Encompass 2.0) in the cooperation of the HungarianAcademy of Sciences and Magyar Telekom. Presenters of the popular series of lectures will again feature highly acknowledged Hungarian scientific researchers, the themes of presentations will include rather popular topics.

Programmes can also be followed in Hungarian Television from March and will be different from the formerly broadcast presentations – aired on a weekly basis – as separate programmes will explore the possibilities to the practical use and social perception of research work outlined in the presentations.

The intense series of lectures – planned for half a year – will be followed by an Internet portal ( www.mindentudas.hu) offering numerous web2 services, which also offers browsing options among the more than 150 lectures of the former series. People interested in the popular scientific series may also find interesting information about it in the Tudni jó coloumn of the Origó portal from mid February. On the site sponsored by Magyar Telekom users can choose from among numerous interesting bits of information and background materials, related to presentations and lecturers.

Lecturers of ME 2.0 will again represent the elite of Hungarian scientific researchers. Among others, the themes will include the predictability of human behaviour, latest results of stem cell research and psychology, as well as planets outside the solar system and climate changes.

The program of ME 2.0 can already be downloaded at www.mindentudas.hu and people interested can also register here for participation at the presentations.